12 interesting facts about Viagra

Does everyone know that these blue pills are not only used to treat impotence? In fact, the scope of the Viagra is much more extensive.

We suggest to familiarize with different unusual ways of its use, some of which are very interesting.


1. Strengthening of family relationships.

The research center in Cairo, Egypt, doctors use Viagra to restore the marital relationship. promising results: 32 of the 35 patients were able to overcome their sexual problems in less than a month of treatment.

The purpose of this study – to find ways to treat psychogenic erectile dysfunction (physiological problems caused by stress). If the results of the study are positive, Viagra can be an effective solution to the problem of families in which sexual relations have weakened or stopped altogether.

2. Cancer Treatment.

Recent studies have shown that Viagra can reduce cancerous tumors. The researchers found that Viagra helps stop tumor growth and protect the heart from damage when combined with the admission of some drugs against cancer. Drug called doxorubicin series of chemotherapy in combination with Viagra may be more effective in treating prostate cancer. Scientists claim that Viagra increases the effects of doxorubicin and reduces the degree of side effects.

3. Saving of rare animals, endangered species.

In many areas of China for the treatment of impotence is traditionally used tiger bone. Because of this, the tigers in China are under threat of extinction. And tigers are not the only ones who are hunted. The buyers have a high demand environment of reindeer antler and seal genitals, which, according to rumors, help to improve potency. In Canada, because of this almost extinct reindeer, hooded seals and harp seals. However, with the advent of cheap and affordable alternatives to reindeer antlers demand fell by 70%, and trade bodies of seals and all went into oblivion.

4. Preservation of endangered animals.

It has long been known that the pandas in captivity do not breed. They can be understood. Who wants to deal with such a responsible thing in public? But a few blue pills all alter. I do not know how they have pandas in their natural habitat, but in cells – on the strength of 30 seconds and all. But after taking Viagra pandas mating process is 20 minutes. Especially, if the reception of blue pills combined with viewing special “erotic” movies to pandas, that for several years practiced in the zoo Wolong (China).

5. Improving athletic performance.

Athletes use Viagra to improve their performance. It has long been no secret that many athletes take various stimulants, ranging from steroids and ending with extracts of exotic plants. Professional football player Brandon Marshall says he knows the players, who among other things are taking more and Viagra: “There are guys who sit on Viagra because it thins the blood.” Perhaps the point is that Viagra increases blood flow, which promotes a more rapid spread of substances in the body. Or maybe the whole thing yet, and that one of the side effects of steroids is impotence. In any case, the World Anti-Doping Agency is planning to Viagra in the list of prohibited drugs.

6. The treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Some people think that taking Viagra can be dangerous for people with heart disease. But studies have shown that Viagra can be successfully used to treat many of these, including heart failure. This disease occurs when the heart is unable to pump large amounts of blood, which causes shortness of breath and increased heart rate.

Using Viagra improves the heart’s ability to pump blood, thus acting on the root cause of the disease. In addition, the blood circulation problems in themselves can cause impotence. In addition, the reception Viagra normalizes blood pressure and the use of blue tablets are much cheaper and less dangerous in terms of side effects than conventional therapy. Anyway, Viagra can be a real cure for the millions of people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

7. The treatment of female infertility.

Viagra may help to improve women’s reproductive functions. Effect of Viagra on male potency is well known, but blue pills can also help and women. The use of Viagra invaginalno largely increases blood flow to the pelvic organs, which increases the ability of the uterine lining to the attachment of a fertilized egg. Against the background of insufficient blood supply to the uterine lining experience various problems, from inflammation to an inability to get pregnant – both natural and artificial means. It turns out that Viagra can effectively deal with these problems, as strange as it may seem.

8. Increasing plant fruitfulness.

Viagra increases the fruitfulness of plants, which is especially important for crops. Apparently, Viagra affects people and plants similarly. Research conducted at the University of Bar-Ilan University, show that when the withering plants fed Viagra, they are straightened, becoming fresher and brighter. This is despite the fact that the plants were given only 2% of the human dose.

The whole secret – in the main component of Viagra, nitric oxide. It dilates blood vessels, increasing blood circulation in cavernous bodies – such a mechanism causes an erection in men. A similar effect is seen in plants, so among gardeners gardeners viagra can get the recognition it deserves as an easy way to grow large fruit and wonderfully beautiful flowers. And in the future seems a significant contribution to Viagra in solving problems of the world food shortage.

9. Saving premature babies.

Nitric oxide not only helps to maintain an erection or to grow flowers – it is also used in the treatment of prematurity in infants. Earlier mainly used inhaled nitric oxide, but they cause a high percentage of complications, most of which – such as pulmonary hypertension – serious enough. In the intensive care unit of Royal Children’s Hospital Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, the first to use Viagra instead of traditional inhalation. The results are striking: in none of the children who received Viagra did not have pulmonary hypertension, and in general, these children were four times more quickly discharged from the intensive care unit when compared with the others.

10. The struggle against terrorism.

Afghan leaders working for the CIA in return on Viagra. In the fight against the Taliban, the CIA often forced to resort to the help of Afghan warlords and clan leaders who, among other things, for nothing do not say anything and did not show. CIA tried everything: money, dentists, school supplies – has not found something that really has weight. It turns out to suffer from impotence even the powerful. It would seem that the opening and not opening at all, but! Leaders with a large hunting began to agree to cooperate in exchange for a cure for erectile dysfunction. And this is quite understandable!

In Muslim countries, polygamy – quite a common thing, and all the wives of the husband is obliged to sexually satisfy. But all good things in life come to an end, especially erection – in modern Afghan life, men often simply “not enough” at all. And age has its. For example, one 60-year-old elder who has had four wives, graciously accepted the CIA’s offer to become their agent when tried Viagra in action, and have promised him more good fraction of that of the further cooperation. Viagra For ease he passed all his Taliban village, merged all the routes of their movements, appearance, passwords – in general, “split with the first jump.” And even after Viagra premium requested!

11. Improves memory.

Information overload – a common cause of memory decline in modern man, surrounded by digital gadgets. Some studies show that Viagra solves this problem, and even helping people with Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia.

12. For swimmers.

Recent scientific work found that sildenafil prevents and relieves pulmonary edema, developing the athletes after the competition in very cold water. The first volunteers have already received the experimental treatment, and were very happy with the result.