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Arimidex Anastrozole 1 mg
Most popular brand: Arimidex
Active ingredient: Anastrozole
Available dosage forms: 1 mg
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Anastrozole general information

Additionally, anastrozole is connected with a lowly danger of blood clots than tamoxifen and doesn’t appear to raise the danger of uterine cancer. Selecting a premium quality supplement is a huge place to begin your energy back on the path to recovery and harder erections. One also needs to eat foods low in fat and full of protein including exercise commonly to increase testosterone production. An adequate degree of testosterone within the body is essential for the total well-being. As you are interested in Realizing the effects of low estrogen in your entire body, it’s crucial to understand the functions of estrogen. They can surely help avoid low estrogen unwanted effects.

If a lady has symptoms for example abnormal bleeding, prompt evaluation is required. Besides irregularities within the menstrual cycle, they also experience physical together with emotional symptoms. Experiencing the very first period following this phase is an issue of discomfort for the majority of women. In these paragraphs, let’s discuss the causes, signs, and treatment choices for this uterine disorder. During the process, you are going to be awake and know what is going on, but won’t feel any pain. Because this area has a massive variety of nerves, trauma to this region can result in pain.

Certain health conditions may also set a person at an elevated risk of specific mood disorders. This is often life-threatening and within the absence of appropriate diagnosis and treatment, can end up being fatal. In diabetic patients, it is strongly recommended for minimizing the chance of eye and kidney issues. This condition can be particularly annoying and disappointing for anybody, not merely because it affects your physical appearance, but obesity might be the root cause for a number of health ailments, including cardiac disease, diabetes, cancer, etc..

Even though it’s mentioned above that dryness of mouth is more prevalent in old age, it’s not a standard aging procedure and hence, shouldn’t be ignored. By avoiding all these situations, if at all possible, you can surely prevent UTI and also the presence of additional white blood cells in urine to resist the infection itself. Dryness of mouth may lead to other complications such as the Sjogren’s syndrome. Dryness of mouth may also be caused on account of specific illnesses like diabetes as well as depression. A lot of the time, it truly is observed there is no particular serious cause for dry mouth and consequently, there is absolutely no treatment available. Although the experience might not be a pleasant one, it is simply the overall body’s way of coming back to its usual self.

ALP level depends upon examining a blood sample. This increase causes a significant band formation throughout the waist. It is quite essential to set the specific reasons behind its increased levels.

At times, women could produce a fissure after childbirth. There are assorted reasons concerning why hormonal imbalance can happen. The reproductive organs, hormones, and the body are all attempting to return to usual. Osteolytic cancer impacts the bones, thereby causing holes to form, which then increases the chance of fractures.

How you perform penile massage is crucial to your own penile shrinkage issue. There are lots of medications which can result in baldness as a side effect. Get yourself diagnosed by an excellent doctor, to determine the cause and follow the proper treatment. The physician will provide you a proper treatment agreeing with the cause.

Drug abuse is just a sure solution to end life since it’s addictive and life-threatening. This is often overcome merely by altering the drugs. Let’s take a view of a number of the common unwanted side effects of these drugs. There are lots of factors which could give rise to stress. Whatever causes hair loss truly is a concern to many. These episodes could be triggered by particular life events.

The trick to ease drying of mouth at night is really to increase saliva production within the evening. Sometimes the total amount of saliva within the mouth gets decreased unnaturally, causing the dryness. The underwhelming formation of saliva in this time may also be traced to the medication that somebody was prescribed with. Diuretics are utilized in the first stages to decrease the BP by lessening the sodium as well as water levels in the entire body.

The life expectancy of the breast cancer patient depends on the kind of treatment received. The side effects of numerous medications can be lowered with the aid of a doctor’s guidance. It’s not a severe medical condition and is normally found in older individuals, above 65 years old. This really is mainly on account of the probable side effects that are manifested in all sorts of ACE inhibitor based medications.

Analogs “anastrozole”. Price, instructions for use, real

October 10, 2015

Breast Cancer – dangerous disease, which annually takes the lives of millions of women around the world. To fight against this disease is hard, but possible. Do not allow proliferation of cancer metastasis and further development of the many helping drug « anastrozole ». He really does not give rise malignancy, due to which women can live for a long and happy life. Today we learn how to use this medication, what it does have side effects, as well as consider the analogues of « anastrozole » & Ndash; means prolonging the lives of people. Also, find out how patients and doctors speak about it.

In some cases, drug is given?

« anastrozole » & Ndash; pills, doctor to prescribe their patients, who were diagnosed “breast cancer”. This medication should be used for the treatment of this disease is. Tablets are used in post-menopausal.


The drug « anastrozole », instructions for use which is indicated below, consists of the following elements:

  1. Anastrozole – the active ingredient is 1 mg.
  2. Auxiliary components: lactose monohydrate, povidone – K30, sodium type A carboxymethyl starch, magnesium stearate. Coated tablets consists of the following elements: hypromellose E464, macrogol 6000 and 400, titanium dioxide E171
  3. .

Release Form

The preparation is realized in the form of pills, coated membrane shell. Tablets are placed in the blisters to 7 or 10 pieces each. One package may be 1, 3, 4 or 5 blisters.


The drug « anastrozole », instruction which should always be in the package with this drug, taken orally 1 mg 1 time per day, ie 1 tablet per day. The duration of therapy depends on the form and severity of the disease. Assigned means only treating oncologist. The recommended duration of treatment – 5 years. If during this time will be visible signs of disease progression while receiving this medication should be stopped.

Side Effects

Medicine « anastrozole » after use can cause such undesirable effects in the female body:

– From the nervous system and sensory organs: drowsiness, depression, anxiety, headache, paresthesia.

– On the part of cardio – vascular system and blood: thrombophlebitis, anemia, hypertension.

– the part of the digestive organs – intestinal tract: nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, dry mouth, constipation or, conversely, diarrhea.

– Allergic reactions: itching, rash on the body, Stevens – Johnson.

– Other: vaginal dryness, hot flashes, pain in the chest, back, sweating, hair loss, bronchitis, pharyngitis, increased body weight.

Similar preparations of the active substance

In medicine, the subject of the article, there are analogues. Among the drugs that can be substituted “Anastrozole” are as follows: “Anastrozole – Teva”, “Anastrozole – cabine” “Vero – anastrozole” “Egistrazol” “Mammozol” “Anabrez” « Aksastrol », « Arimidex ». These drugs are realized in the form of tablets and powder. These analogs « anastrozole » & Ndash; a drug that is indicated for grave illness – They have in their composition the same active ingredient, and is anastrozole. Therefore, if the pharmacy is not the right tools, it can be replaced by another. However, pre-should consult with their oncologist about a replacement drugs.

These medicines on Effects

Analogs « anastrozole » & Ndash; drugs, which often brings the positive effect of therapy – may vary in composition. For example, a tablet is « Letrozole », in which the active ingredient itself acts as letrozole, 2.5 mg. This is a completely different element, but the product itself is designed in the same situations as the drug, the subject of the article. So what in the end is better: Tablets « Letrozole » or « anastrozole »? In fact it is similar on the Effects of drugs, so to say, which one is worse, it is impossible. The only difference among them – dosage. If you take the means « Letrozole », it is necessary to 2.5 mg, in the case of medicament « anastrozole » It requires only 1 mg. However, the effect will be the same as a result.

The popular analog drug « Arimidex »

« anastrozole » & Ndash; pill dispensing from pharmacies only by prescription, – can be replaced by other known medicament. And the name of it – « Arimidex ». This drug is also indicated for malignant tumors of the mammary glands. He also took 1 tablet (1 mg) once a day. Cost tablets « Arimidex » It ranges from 4 thousand USD per 1 package that contains 28 pills. For comparison, means « anastrozole » USA production is about 2 thousand. And it is also for 1 package that contains 28 tablets. As can be seen, the drug « Arimidex » 2 times more expensive than its analog. Therefore, it would be cheaper to buy medicine « anastrozole ». However, it often happens that it dismantle once it appears in drugstores. Therefore, in case it does not, you can purchase replacement.

tablets Cost

The drug is « anastrozole », which is not a fixed price, because it depends on many factors, not a cheap medication. Yes, no one said that the facility will be available. Still, the medication helps to cope not with diarrhea or fever, and with breast cancer. Therefore, the cost of the drug is high. The price of this drug depends on the number of tablets in the package from the pharmacy location and margins from producer. Thus, an average value of 20 tablets of the drug will be in the range 1300 USD. If you take 30 pills, then, of course, medicine « anastrozole », which price, by the way, is lower than that of similar drugs, will cost about 2700 USD. If you buy these pills Indian production, then the price will be more than 8 thousand USD for 30 tablets. If you purchase the pills of the USA manufacturer JSC « P – Farm », then the cost will be so what indicated above, – within 3 thousand USD.

Positive feedback from patients

The drug is « anastrozole » reviews on the Internet has a few. Maybe people do not want to share with others their problems. However, those responses which are (at least their number and small), make it possible to analyze the situation with this drug. Tablets « anastrozole » receive accolades patients. Indeed, after the start of the reception of the drug in women is clearly slowing down the growth of breast tumors, as well as a means to form and does not give metastases to grow. Also, the fairer sex say that this drug are prepared essentially benefits, then there is no charge.

The negative responses of patients

Unfortunately, medicine « anastrozole » feedback is negative. People say that despite the effectiveness of the drug, it still has many side effects. For example, some women notice that their state of health after taking these pills has deteriorated: there were severe headaches, mood swings, problems with a chair, vomiting, hair loss, allergies, weight gain and more. This is indeed the case, but not all. The explanation is simple. Those women who become drug Indian or Israeli origin, do not experience any side effects, but the USA drug « anastrozole » really can bring problems.

Also, many people do not like the fact that this drug is often not in pharmacies, it turns out inaccessible. Analogs « anastrozole » & Ndash; tablets to help women fight cancer, are more readily available in this area. Why people sometimes buy other drugs, do not wait as the moment when the right tool appears. Often they take on the tablet, similar in name to the medication, which is dedicated article. This medicine « Anastrozole – Teva », it has almost the same composition. Cancer – it is a disease that does not require the delay. Therefore, replacement of one drug by another – is quite normal.

Opinions oncologists

Doctors have a positive attitude to this drug. According to them, a medication that is indicated for chemotherapy of malignant tumors in the breast, only Lite version. Therefore, experts often prescribe it to women in old age after menopause or the representatives of the weaker sex, who have serious health problems. Since such persons should not be prescribed too heavy medication, optimal drug that is able to suspend the development of tumors, a « anastrozole ». These tablets, however, really is better not to buy domestic production and foreign. Be careful with the choice of the manufacturer.


Now that you know what medication is needed « anastrozole », what it has side effects, analogs. It is also determined that it is better to buy a foreign vehicle manufacturer as well as a domestic medicine can sometimes cause a variety of adverse reactions. On the question many women that better preparation « Letrozole » or « anastrozole », we gave the answer. These medicines are interchangeable, so if one is not commercially available, it is possible to acquire another. However, in any case, should first notify the treating oncologist.

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