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Benemid Probenecid 500 mg
Most popular brand: Benemid
Active ingredient: Probenecid
Available dosage forms: 500 mg
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Probenecid general information

Probenecid mechanisms are utilized to stop the re-absorption of uric acid through the kidney. High uric acid is brought on by the inability of your own kidneys to process and after that flush naturally produced excess acid away from your system via your urine. The limited solubility of the acid within the body leads to high rates of monosodium urate crystals within the kidneys and joints.

Kidney failure can happen if long-term sufferers usually do not obtain any treatment. Gout prevention can also be achieved using a medical route. Failure to complete complete plan of therapy may enable the infection to return. Following the steps mentioned previously should help alleviate or eradicate the status.

Because of improper food regimen, sedentary lifestyle and obesity, many men and women have problems with gout nowadays. Alcohol consumption is, in addition, decreased and weight loss is a good idea to reduce gout attacks from worsening. An excessive amount of usage of alcohol can also result in gout. Gout patients should avoid eating food full of purine.

In the past several years no new cures for the well-known condition called Gout have been discovered. Along with this, there are likewise a number of safe and powerful herbal remedies for gout. This really is a homeopathic remedy which uses biochemic tissue salts which can help mitigate the joint inflammation due to gout.

When faced with the very first gout attack, someone will generally should endure the pain for many days. The attack of gout can endure for many days and may disappear even if there’s no treatment. Chronic gout sufferers are often given Allpurinal. This can result in intense malady, swelling, and inflammation that could result to a difficulty in moving. The huge joint of the major toe is mainly affected, but gout may also affect different joints including the knee, ankle, hand, foot, wrist, and elbow. The most familiar point of target may be the huge toe also called the metatarsophalangeal.

There are various success stories in regards to gout. Given a number of days, most of gout’s unpleasant side effects will often go away by themselves. These 3 simple tips may be effective, yet they can’t prevent recurring gout by themselves.

Many folks turn to home and herbal remedies to lessen gout attacks and also to get rid of the symptoms. Although there’s no cure for gout, there are several treatments that may decrease the attacks and will provide relief from the pain as well as inflammation due to this condition. There are various strategies to lower the pain as well as inflammation due to gout.

A sizable number of individuals in all regions of the world suffer from a mutual type of arthritis generally known as gout. The principal reason why somebody experiences gout is because of the excess within the production of uric acid within the body. The result is the fact that uric acid in the likeness of crystals could be accumulated in and about your joints, inducing the agonies of gout. Gout mainly affects joints, particularly those of the reduce body limbs.

Possessing a gout attack is among the most painful troubles that one may suffer through, hence it’s no surprise that many wish to know the resources of gout prevention. This medication has side effects which may create a rash, or you could experience stomach pain and potential kidney stones.Serious thought needs to be given to rid your own body of stress for a prevention of gout. In this manner, you can enhance the caliber of your own life and get rid of the plaguing pains brought on by gout.

Three kinds of medication are often used when treating gout. Analgesics are also utilized to manage fevers that will accompany gout attacks. In some instances, women too can develop the illness subsequent to the age of 60. There are lots of side effects, normally a rash and potential low blood counts. It can result in low blood counts or even a rash.

The very first step towards an effective treatment of gout could be the prosperous diagnosis of gout. The greatest issue of gout patients could be the increase of uric acid within the blood. Mild instances of gout can frequently be treated by developments in the diet. Many symptoms of gout may be ameliorated by following a suitable gout treatment. Even though the disease could be corrected via a proper gout cure, there’s absolutely no particular cure for it. Along with a healthful diet and normal exercise to lessen uric acid overproduction and also to strengthen joints and bones, treatment for gout needs to be utilized.

PROBENECID (probenecid)

Mode of action PROBENECID (probenecid)

protivopodagricakih funds. It inhibits the reabsorption of uric acid in the renal tubules and thus enhances its excretion. Increased excretion of uric acid by the action of probenecid may increase the release of uric acid from tophi in blood plasma, which in turn may cause acute gout. In addition, probenecid can delay renal excretion of other drugs, increasing their concentration in blood plasma, which allows the use of probenecid as an adjunct to antibiotic therapy.

Description PROBENECID. Active substance PROBENECID. PROBENECID. Medications and active substance PROBENECID. Which drugs are used PROBENECID. PROBENECID chemical composition. readings PROBENECID. side effects PROBENECID. PROBENECID instructions

Description probenecid. Active substance probenecid. probenecid. Medications and active substance probenecid. Which drugs are used probenecid. Probenecid chemical composition. readings probenecid. side effects of probenecid. User probenecid

Pharmacokinetics PROBENECID (probenecid)

After oral probenecid completely absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. C max 2 achieved through plasma -. 4 hours Plasma protein binding is 85 – 95%.

It is metabolized in the liver to form the main atsilglyukuronidnogo metabolite and other metabolites. The apparent V d is relatively small.

excreted by the kidneys by glomerular filtration and active secretion by the proximal tubule of the kidneys. The urine is determined by 75 – 85% of the metabolites, the remainder is excreted as unchanged substance. Urinary excretion of unchanged probenecid depends on pH and urine flow rate.

Indications PROBENECID (probenecid)

Hyperuricemia in patients with chronic gout, hyperuricemia in the application of diuretics.

As an adjunct to antibiotic penicillin and some cephalosporins (except tsefaloridinom).

Dosage PROBENECID (probenecid)

When chronic gout treatment is initiated with a dose of 250 mg 2 times / day. within a month. After one week the dose can be increased to 500 mg 2 times / day. When little effect dose can be increased to 500 mg every month. The maximum dose of 2 g / day. If for 6 months in a patient receiving probenecid was no acute attacks of gout, and urate plasma concentration does not exceed an acceptable level, the dose can be gradually reduced (500 mg every 6 months) to the minimum effective. Probenentsida dose may be increased in patients receiving diuretics or pyrazinamide that increase the concentration of uric acid in the blood plasma.

When antibiotic drugs penicillin and cephalosporins probenecid dose in adults is 500 mg 4 times / day. In children aged 2 years and older starting dose is 25 mg / kg followed by an increase to 40 mg / kg; interval between meals -. 6 hours Doses for adults, however, recommended for use in children weighing more than 50 kg.

in the treatment of gonorrhea probenecid may be used at a dose of 1 g per 30 minutes to parenteral administration of antibiotic.

Side effects PROBENECID (probenecid)

From the digestive system: nausea, vomiting, anorexia, sore gums; rarely – necrosis of the liver.

CNS: headache, dizziness.

From the urinary system: frequent urination; rarely – nephrotic syndrome.

Allergic reactions: fever, pruritus, urticaria, Stevens – Johnson; rarely – anaphylactic shock.

From the hematopoietic system: anemia, hemolytic anemia (often associated with deficiency of glucose – 6 – phosphate dehydrogenase); rarely – aplastic anemia, leukopenia.

Dermatological reactions: dermatitis, alopecia, flushing.

From the bone – muscular system: aggravation of gout.

Contraindications PROBENECID (probenecid)

An acute attack of gout, urolithiasis (especially the presence of uric acid stones), porphyria, disorders of peripheral blood picture, pregnancy, children under 2 years of age, secondary hyperuricemia caused by tumor process or the use of chemotherapeutic agents; hypersensitivity to probenecid.

Application of pregnancy and breastfeeding PROBENECID (probenecid)

crosses the placental barrier. It is not known whether probenecid is excreted in breast milk.

Use during pregnancy and lactation should be with caution and only in cases where the expected benefit of therapy to the mother outweighs the potential risk to the fetus or child.

The experimental research is not found adverse effects on reproductive parameters in rats.

Cautions PROBENECID (probenecid)

Do not use the secondary hyperuricemia caused by tumor process or the use of chemotherapeutic agents, as probenecid does not reduce the synthesis of uric acid, but only increases its excretion by the kidneys; This occurs when hyperuricosuria increases the risk of kidney disease.

Caution should be used in patients with a history of instructions on peptic ulcer disease and chronic renal failure. In chronic renal failure probenecid can be inefficient, especially if the glomerular filtration rate below 30 ml / min.

When using probenecid to treat chronic gout may experience an acute attack of gout, as well as the appearance of or increase in the growth of kidney stones and renal colic provocation with hematuria (or without it).

In patients with deficiency of glucose – 6 – phosphate dehydrogenase may develop hemolytic anemia.

Overdose probenecid appears CNS excitation, convulsions and may result in death due to respiratory failure.

simultaneous use of probenecid with ketorolac to be avoided, as well as salicylates. Persons receiving probenecid needed lower doses of thiopental for induction of anesthesia. With simultaneous use of probenecid and methotrexate dose of methotrexate should be reduced in order to reduce its side effects.

While taking probenecid may be false positive urine tests for glucose.

Drug Interactions PROBENECID (probenecid)

Probenecid gives excretion and thus increases the concentration in plasma following drugs: acyclovir, captopril, sulfonylureas, aminosalicylates, lorazepam, paracetamol, rifampicin, AZT, conjugates sulfonamides, indomethacin, ketoprofen, meclofenamate, naproxen, methotrexate

Probenecid reduces the urinary concentrations of nitrofurantoin and penicillamine, which leads to a decrease in therapeutic effect of nitrofurantoin in urinary tract infections, and penicillamine – with cystinuria.

Probenecid may cause increased excretion fenilsulfontaleina, sulfobromftaleina, aminogippurovoy acid, 5 – hydroxy – indole acetic acid; decrease in urinary excretion of metabolites of steroid hormones.

Application for violations of liver function PROBENECID (probenecid)

The section “Use in violation of the liver” is not filled with the spirit of “probenecid (probenecid).” You might be the first to add your description!

Application for violations of renal function PROBENECID (probenecid)

The section “Use in impaired renal function” is not filled with the spirit of “probenecid (probenecid).” You might be the first to add your description!

Overdose PROBENECID (probenecid)

The section “Overdose” is not filled with the spirit of “probenecid (probenecid).” You might be the first to add your description!

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