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DDAVP Desmopressin 10 mcg
Most popular brand: DDAVP
Active ingredient: Desmopressin
Available dosage forms: 10 mcg
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Desmopressin general information

The patient is set on drugs that have synthetically prepared hormone called desmopressin. When it is otherwise, then it might lead to a rare but serious side effect called seizure. Due to this issue, children may have problems with fatigue and might not manage to concentrate on their activities. It is because, treatment don’t always work, plus it requires a good deal of motivation as well as commitment from the parents.

Several pets diagnosed with the exact same, lead the standard life with the correct treatment and attention from the dog owner’s side. Luckily, this type of canine diabetes isn’t always serious. With no constant access to water, your pet can get dehydrated, which can result in life-threatening complications. Alongside treatment, it’s equally important to offer a lot of water to your own pet. Pee off prior to going to bed after which begin thinking, that the recent day will really be a dry one. The important thing is to continue utilizing the alarm every night until the little one reaches 14 consecutive dry nights.

A whole medical history of the patient is presented before the physician, so he is able to discover the exact reason for the issue. Administration of the drug depends upon other health related disorders. It’s recommended to administer the drug just prior to going to bed. The secondary causes incorporate other health problems which do not permit the thyroid gland to make enough quantity of thyroxine. Particular medications, for instance, antibiotics, gentamicin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, etc. can interfere together with the test outcome and thus the doctor might instruct you to truly stop taking these drugs. The primary difference between the two of these types of hemophilia can be found in the factors which they are deficient in.

Dog cancer symptoms aren’t observed during the first stages of the illness. The foremost is central diabetes insipidus, where the health problem stems from abnormalities within the brain. Diseases wherein someone may wind up getting problems in his own blood exist in plenty. The symptoms are extremely mild in a few cases and also the condition goes unnoticed. This condition is not uncommon in girls together with boys and with the right treatment this condition might be cured. There are various underlying health problems that might cause easy bruising.

Diabetes insipidus, known also as the `other kind of diabetes’, is actually a condition where the body does not maintain water balance. The exact same may also lead to severe water retention, which then may outbalance the amount of sodium as well as water in the entire body. Urine includes waste material, excess water and toxic substances which must be thrown away from the body regularly. This may also be considered a hereditary issue. In extreme situations, death might also be an outcome. The degree of hormones ought to be balanced for proper rise and maturation of the body.

Make a bid to maximize your own level of consciousness when sleeping. You only need to pinpoint the proper cause to treat your own affliction. There are several circumstances, which could lead to this condition. Over time the kid will start to answer the alarm independently. This condition isn’t resulting from problem within the production of ADH. Usage of desmopressin is the sole remedy to improve the production of ADH.

Bedwetting in older children really should not be overlooked. The practice of choosing urination prior to going to bed ought to be instilled in children. However, it may likewise occur if the kid’s bladder hasn’t grown fast enough to catch up with the remainder of the entire body’s growth. In this specific article, we’re specifically going to talk about the hormonal factors behind bedwetting in children. There are many of other techniques can decrease bedwetting in children. Parents, who’ve faced the very same problem throughout their teenage, might pass it on to their own children.

Medications to take care of bedwetting were found to essentially mask the issue and didn’t lead to a cure. This hormone helps the entire body to make less urine as soon as the individual is sleeping through the night. While understanding the causes, it is likewise required to acquire info about the symptoms of the condition. Using medications is also preferred when other treatment choices and remedies don’t show any results. After these tests, the physician will choose the treatment choices available to the patient. Because of this, it is always advisable to speak with a pediatrician who’ll support you in deciding the seriousness of the issue.

DDAVP (Desmopressin): instruction, and the use of a formula

Therapeutic substances Desmopressin

The nosological classification (ICD – 10)

Code CAS


Mode of action -. Vazopressinopodobnoe

It has antidiuretic action, it stimulates the activity of Factor VIII blood clotting. Increases epithelial permeability of distal convoluted tubule water and increases its reabsorption. Antidiuretic effect develops at parenteral routes of administration (p / c. / M. / In) and instillation in nose. Despite the fact that T 1/2 75 min, it is maintained for 8 – 20 hours Day and night polyuria disappears after 2 –. 3 – multiple reception with / in a 10 times more effective than intranasal.

It increases the activity of Factor VIII clotting in patients with hemophilia and von Willebrand’s disease: after infusion of 0.4 mg / kg, its level is 300 – 400% of the original; response evident within 30 min and the peaks (3 – 4 – fold increase) over 1.5 –. 2h activity of factor VIII antigen and ristocetin – Co – factorial increase activity to a lesser extent. Desmopressin equally increases the content of factor VIII in mild haemophilia A, von Willebrand’s disease and in healthy volunteers. There is also a rapid increase in the concentration of plasminogen without clinically significant strengthening of fibrinolysis.

Application of the substance Desmopressin

Diabetes insipidus, acute polyuria, polydipsia after surgery in the pituitary gland, primary nocturnal enuresis (for intranasal use); for the on / in ; haemophilia A, von Willebrand disease (type except IIb); nocturia.


Hypersensitivity, congenital or psychogenic polydipsia, anuria, fluid retention of various etiologies, plasma gipoosmolyarnost, circulatory failure, the need for diuretic therapy. For intravenously ; unstable angina, von Willebrand disease Type IIb.

Application of pregnancy and breastfeeding

Category effects on the fetus by FDA ; B.

Side effects of substance Desmopressin

The transient headache, nausea, spastic abdominal pain, disalgomenoreya, mild hypertension, flushing, mild reduction in blood pressure. compensatory tachycardia (with on / in the introduction), allergic reactions (including anaphylaxis); swelling, local redness, pain at the injection site.


Enhance the effect of pressor drugs (blood pressure should be monitored).

Dosing and Administration

Intranasal ; 10 – 40 mg / day in single or divided doses, for children from 3 months to 13 years ; 5 & ​​ndash; 30 mg / day.

P / to the in / m. I / adult ; 1 – 4 mg / day. children ; 0.4 mg / day.

Precautions substance Desmopressin

To reduce the risk of water intoxication and hyponatremia should be limited fluid intake (especially children, adolescents, the elderly) fluid intake. When rhinitis should be administered sublingually (as absorption from the nasal cavity is broken).

Trading names of drugs with working substance

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