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Differin Adapalene 15 g
Most popular brand: Differin
Active ingredient: Adapalene
Available dosage forms: 15 g
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Adapalene general information

Accutane is among the top medicines to cure zits, but only if you are not pregnant. Provided that acne medications aren’t taken internally, there isn’t any harm to the developing fetus. Hormonal developments in the levels of progesterone are among the contributing factors associated with acne while pregnant. Women should only utilize adapalene if they’re using effective contraception, including contraceptive pills.

There are a large variety of choices for treating acne while pregnant. Acne when pregnant is not uncommon. Pregnant women should never utilize adapalene. Clindamycin, also called cleocin is pretty safe while pregnant.

For several women the very first indication of pregnancy is pregnancy acne. There’s always time to treat your own acne but Pregnancy isn’t the suitable time. You ought to go in to find the best treatments and eradicate the scars to boost your confidence by looking good and healthy. In the event your acne is discovered to be an issue that is getting worse, speak with your doctor about the issue.

During pregnancy there are a number of drugs that shouldn’t be taken due to their potential harm to the baby. When taken during pregnancy, the infant may suffer with birth defects. It is often found the expectant mothers utilizing the pill during pregnancy period to take care of acnes are somewhat more probable to deliver the babies with birth defects and they’re probable to encounter the depression. Do not forget that even topical medications might be absorbed via the epidermis and passed via the placenta to the unborn child.

Accutane is quite a strong anti-inflammatory medicine, which may be used when all other alternatives don’t enhance this severe type of acne. This drug is quite effective to tone down the occurrence and seriousness of acne. This method at all, doesn’t help cure cystic acne. Some all-natural herbs were once utilised to induce contractions, so just as the bottle says all natural doesn’t signify the treatment is relatively safe to be used when pregnant.

Ordinarily, facial area shows acne but skincare experts say it can occur at any place on the body. It’s an all-natural cleanser that’s found to work in treating skin disorders like cystic acne. As a way to keep the youthfulness of the epidermis, dermatologists often recommend to include honey within the diet. Applying acne creams have turned into the most convenient choice to eliminate this skin issue.

Many patients that have persistent, severe acne find that oral antibiotics provide an excellent alternative for therapy. Your dermatologist is the greatest resource in determining in case the topical medication is appropriate for the individual and, if this is so, the right medication to prescribe. AHAs, benzoyl peroxide and various other products in many cases are recommended by the physician for acne treatment when pregnant. Minocycline has long been applied in healing acne.

Doctors decide the dosage contingent upon the seriousness of the outbreak and length of the pregnancy. The medication can cut the quantity of inflammation and enable the cyst to heal. He additionally writes for cymbalta side effects plus skin disorders.

Locating a secure and effectual treatment for pregnancy acne isn’t always and quick task. Oftentimes, pregnancy acne is among the symptoms of the woman’s pregnancy. Often it begins with all the very first pregnancy. Additionally, when pregnant, there’s no need of doing makeup.

Currently, there’s a dearth of info and studies on such products. There are just two types of birth control that may be used along with this particular product. Intake of tetracycline shows harmful impacts on the mother and the fetus. Its cost can likewise be quite important.

Retinoids are essentially chemicals which are obtained from vitamin A. This is popularly known as differin gel. The optimal/optimally option is frequently the fragrance-free cleanser that’s composed of all mild ingredients. Be meticulous in picking out the sort of facial cleanser used so as to select one which is gentle enough for the skin that could be extra sensitive at the moment.

Rose oil is helpful in mild instances of acne together with minor infections. The usual side effects linked with use of benzoyl peroxide products is dry skin, which isn’t very bothersome. Side effects may include lightening of skin as well as skin dryness in the subjects of application. Retinoid are also utilized to heal the acnes.

Acne may be treated with medications which are either applied to the epidermis or taken orally. The oil produced can supply the ideal growth media for bacteria resulting in skin issues, including acne. Usage of mango paste is an all-natural strategy to unclog the pores and lower the inflammation. This is particularly important if you’re using something apart from an all-natural item.

Remember the best method to take care of aging is from inside, therefore it’s wise to have on a very natural diet with many water fruits, vegetables, sound sleep and some exercise also. Instead, go for warm water in regards to getting a bath when pregnant. To begin with, one has to drink adequate water daily. Insulin is a good idea to maintain blood glucose levels when pregnant.

Adapalene (Adapalene) – instructions for use, description of the pharmacological action, indications for use, dosage and mode of administration, contraindications, side effects


Characteristics: A synthetic analogue of retinoic acid, a derivative of naphthoic acid. The agent for the treatment of acne.

A white or almost white powder. Insoluble in tetrahydrofuran, slightly soluble in ethanol, practically insoluble in water. Molecular weight 412,53.

The existing dosage forms of adapalene 0.1% gel on aqueous basis, 0.1% cream, 0.1% solution. Gel 0.1% and 0.1% cream are registered in USA.

Mode of action

Pharmacology: Mode of action – komedonoliticheskoe, anti-inflammatory. Adapalene ; chemically stable, retinoid-like compound. Studies of the biochemical and pharmacological profile of adapalene demonstrated that he is a modulator of the processes of cell differentiation, keratinization (cornification) and inflammation are involved in the development of acne vulgaris.

The exact mechanism of action of adapalene is unknown, but it is believed that when applied topically it normalizes the differentiation of follicular epithelial cells and keratinization, preventing the formation of microcomedo like retinoid action. Unlike retinoic acid, adapalene binds to a specific retinoic acid nuclear receptors (retinoic acid receptors, RARs) and does not interact with the so-called cytosolic binding proteins retinoic acid (cytosolic retinoic acid binding proteins, CRABPs).

The selectively binding to receptors on RARgamma nuclear membrane of keratinocytes, adapalene enhances keratinocyte differentiation, reduces the « entanglement » keratinocyte in the mouth of tallow – hair follicles and accelerates their desquamation. It has komedonoliticheskim / antikomedogennym action. It does not induce epidermal hyperplasia. Does not cause irritation expressed as RARalfa does not interact with, the stimulation of which leads to the appearance of skin dryness and flaking. Anti-inflammatory effect, influencing the inflammatory factors. Increases the skin’s sensitivity to UV radiation.

The therapeutic effect begins to appear after 1 – 2 weeks, sustained improvement is usually seen after 8 – 12 weeks.

Absorption of adapalene through human skin is low. In controlled clinical trials after prolonged topical administration of adapalene 0.1% gel or a 0.1% solution in the blood plasma of patients were found only trace amounts of substances (< 0,25 ng / ml). The pharmacokinetic study 6 patients with acne (acne) when applied 2% cream 0.1 g per 1000 cm ^ 2 surface skin with acne 1 once daily for 5 days adapalene not quantitatively determined in plasma samples from a single patient (detection limit = 0.35 ng / ml). It eliminated primarily by biliary.

carcinogenicity, mutagenicity, effects on fertility

In animal studies the topical application of doses of adapalene 0.3; 0.9 and 2.6 mg / kg / day (gel solution) or 0.4; 1.3 and 4.0 mg / kg / day (cream) in the mouse carcinogenicity is not revealed. The ingestion (in rats) at a dose of 0.15; 0.5 and 1.5 mg / kg / day (approximately 4 – 75 times the maximum daily dose for humans when applied topically) reported an increase incidence of adenoma cells and follicular thyroid carcinoma in female rats and benign and malignant forms of pheochromocytoma adrenals in male rats.

Studies have not been carried out fotokantserogennosti adapalene. However, animal studies show that other pharmacologically similar drugs (such as topical retinoids) increase the risk of carcinogenicity when used in conjunction with UV irradiation or exposure to sunlight. These results were observed in the experiment under certain conditions, but not all test – systems. Although the significance of these data for humans is unclear, and patients should avoid UV exposure, and exposure to the sun.

There were no mutagenic and genotoxic effects of adapalene in a number of tests, including in vivo (micronucleus test in mice) and in vitro (Ames test, test Chinese hamster ovary cells, TK – test mice lymphoma).

Studies of the effect of adapalene on reproduction and fertility in rats when administered orally in doses up to 20 mg / kg / day (80 times the MRDCH in mg / m ^ 2) did not reveal any effect on reproduction or fertility in F_0 male or females. Also, did not interfere with the growth, development and reproductive function F_1 generation.

Pregnancy. Teratogenic effects. There were no teratogenicity in rats when used orally in doses of adapalene from 0.15 to 5.0 mg / kg / d (up to 120 times the MRDC when applied topically).

However, the oral administration of animal doses> = 25 mg / kg / day leads to teratogenic effects in rats and rabbits.

Teratological study of cutaneous application of adapalene in animals (rats and rabbits) have not been completed. At doses of 0.6; 2.0 and 6.0 mg / kg (up to 150 times higher when applied topically MRDC) foetotoxic action is detected, but fixed minimum increase in the number of edges in the offspring rats.

In two controlled (control ; cream base) clinical studies, adapalene 0.1% in the form of cream included patients 12 – 30 years with mild to moderate acne; Patients were instructed on the use of cream 1 time a day at bedtime for 12 weeks. In one study of patients provided with non-soap detergents and recommended to refrain from using moisturizers. While studies have not been carried out applications on the face of any other local PM, except 0.1% adapalene cream. It demonstrated that adapalene was significantly more effective compared to the control in reducing rash elements (see. Table. 1).

The average decrease in the number of lesions (in percent) from the start of treatment to the end of treatment (week 12)

Indications for use

Application: Ordinary (youthful) acne (acne vulgaris).


Restrictions on the use. Seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, children’s age (safety and efficacy in children under 12 years are not specified)

Application of pregnancy and breastfeeding: When pregnancy is possible if the expected effect of therapy outweighs the potential risk to the fetus (adequate and well-controlled studies safety of not conducted).

Nursing women should use caution when using the (known whether adapalene passes into breast milk of women, but many drugs are excreted in the milk of women).

Side Effects

Side effects: Cream 0,1%

In controlled clinical trials in 285 patients with acne when applied adapalene 0.1% cream 1 time a day for 12 weeks of monitored local skin irritation, assessing the frequency and severity of effects such as erythema, peeling, dryness, itching, burning (see. Table. 2).

The frequency of the local skin irritation at the application background cream adapalene 0.1% in controlled clinical trials (N = 285)

Other local reactions in patients treated with 1% cream, were strengthening acne, dermatitis and contact dermatitis, eyelid edema, conjunctivitis, skin discoloration, rashes, eczema.

Local reactions: erythema, dryness and peeling of the skin, itching, burning, including itching and burning sensation immediately after application; in addition, may experience tingling, increased acne. The manifestation of side effects is most likely in the first 2 – 4 weeks of treatment, then their frequency and severity are reduced. All adverse effects observed in clinical trials were reversible and disappears after discontinuation of therapy.

Interactions: Due to the use of adapalene is possible to use other means for the treatment of acne, including benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics in the dosage forms for topical use (clindamycin, erythromycin). However, it should be remembered that the simultaneous application to the same skin and the same time is not recommended because Physical incompatibility of medication or change in pH when used together can reduce the effectiveness of adapalene. With concomitant use with the aim of achieving best clinical response is recommended the use of drugs at different times of day, such as morning and evening, to minimize possible irritation of the skin.

Since adapalene can cause local skin irritation in some patients, in order to prevent the cumulative effect is not recommended simultaneous application with other potentially irritating agents (medicated or abrasive myl`a and detergents; myl`a and cosmetics that have a drying effect; spirits , etanolsoderzhaschie funds and others.). Special care should be used in combination with adapalene agents containing sulfur, resorcinol, salicylic acid. If these drugs are used, it is advisable not to start therapy with adapalene as long as the effects of these drugs on the skin disappear.

Overdose: Excessive application of the gel or cream does not lead to quicker or better results at the same time may experience skin reactions expressed by ; redness, peeling, discomfort.

Acute oral toxicity in mice and rats was observed at doses higher than 10 ml / kg. Chronic ingestion of a substance can cause the same adverse effects that excessive ingestion of vitamin A.

Dosage and method of administration

Dosage and administration: Outer: gel or cream is applied uniformly thin layer without rubbing on the affected surface of the skin, previously cleaned and dried, 1 time a day, at least 1 hour before bedtime. If necessary, the use of other agents for the treatment of acne adapalene is used in the evening, and other tools ; morning. The duration of treatment is determined by a dermatologist.

Caution: Do not use in patients with erythema (including those caused by the chapping, solar), lesions of the skin until the complete recovery. Use in patients with eczema may cause skin irritation gain.

It should be borne in mind that in the first 3 weeks of treatment may increase acne, when it is not necessary to stop treatment. When expressed side effects ; irritation and dryness of the skin, etc. .; you must stop using adapalene (temporarily or permanently).

In the case of reactions indicative of hypersensitivity, the use of adapalene should be discontinued. It should warn patients that the preparation of sunburn should not use adapalene until full recovery.

During the period of adapalene should avoid direct sunlight and UV radiation (possibly skin irritation). In case of involuntary exposure to the sun should not adapalene were applied the day before, the day of the sun exposure, as well as the next day. To minimize UV ​​exposure, as well as reduce the impact of weather conditions, it is recommended to use sunscreen and protect the treated skin clothing space. Adverse weather conditions, including wind, cold, may contribute to skin irritation in patients treated with adapalene.

Avoid contact with eyes, lips, nasal mucosa, in case of accidental contact with ; rinse thoroughly with warm water.

The gel is recommended for oily and normal skin, cream ; for dry and sensitive.

If after 8 – 12 weeks of treatment did not improve, consult your doctor.

Other medications and drugs used together and / or instead of the “Adapalene (Adapalene)” in the treatment and / or prevention of the following diseases.

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