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Keflex Cephalexin 500 mg
Most popular brand: Keflex
Active ingredient: Cephalexin
Available dosage forms: 500 mg
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Cephalexin general information

Prednisone is just a synthetic corticosteroid which is used for remedying certain health conditions in humans and animals. Prednisone dosage for dogs really depends on the condition that’s being treated. In the event of patients that are allergic to macrolides, amoxicillin and clavulanate may be recommended. Additionally, if remedies including tablets and liquids usually do not work, the vet may prescribe a plan of praziquantel injections. Inform your vet about any other medication the dog could possibly be taking, like probenecid, or possibly a loop diuretic for example furosemide or warfarin, since this might interact with cephalexin and induce unwanted effects. Make certain you administer the proper dosage, and if you forget to present your pet a dose of cephalexin, don’t double the quantity the following time.

Cephalosporins are assigned to pregnancy category B by the FDA, meaning there are really no known adverse impacts on the fetus. Grounded on the length of the manifested symptoms, sinus infection may be acute (under a month) or chronic (more than three months). Prednisone is generated by dehydrogenation of cortisone. Whenever possible, the dose needs to be kept minimal to prevent adverse consequences. The majority of the time, it generally does not require medical treatment. Regardless, it is best to stop infection in the very first location, as opposed to managing the symptoms and following home remedies.

Buffered Pfizerpen is really a drug which has to be injected into a patient and may exclusively be used if tests show that the reason for the illness is a result of bacterial presence. Along with fluid therapy, these medicines might be prescribed for the dog experiencing inflammation of the pancreas. In the event the affliction of the patient doesn’t improve, the physician may recommend a stronger antibiotic and even build up the duration of remedy. Sometimes, inflammation is indeed severe the patient may have to be hospitalized. Doctors prescribe antibiotics founded on the sort of infection occurring. This may happen because of an allergic reaction to the medication, or because of an overdose.

Sometimes you might chance to forget a dose. It’s available in a similarity to tablets, capsules, and injections. While taking this medication, one ought to drink ample levels of water to minimize unwanted side effects. Prolonged usage of prednisone can bring about pain as well as inflammation within the joints, thereby making it tough for the dog to walk. It is important to keep up the interval as it assists keep the medication levels in the body. This information is on the best way to take the tablets depending on the physical issues that one is facing.

A fungal infection is mostly related to the epidermis and mainly impacts the chest and also the back. Pneumonia is principally caused because of an infection. The chance of secondary infections brought on by viruses or fungi could also increase with long-term glucocorticoid therapy. In case the infection results from a virus, antibiotic therapy is not going to help. It’s also used for healing protozoal infections. In case of the serious bacterial infection, alcohol needs to be avoided because it contains sugar compounds that assist with growth of bacteria.

The friendly bacteria killed by antibiotics should be replenished as quickly as possible, so as to maintain very good health. You too can incorporate some probiotics within your pet’s diet to maintain the degree of friendly bacteria. To make sure that the dog will not have problems with stomach issues, make sure that you administer the cephalexin dosage after a meal, with lots of water. In the event the diarrhea continues, it’s optimum to terminate the medication and consult a veterinarian. In case the disease remains in its first stages, then oral consumption of medicines is sufficient to treat it. On the opposite hand, antacids like famotidine (Pepcid) might be recommended to alleviate digestion difficulties.

Beta-lactam antibiotics are among the most commonly used set of antibiotics. Here is a list of the very most typical antibiotics for canines as well as the conditions that they’re used to treat. Even though a sinusitis episode lasting for at least a week is brought on by bacteria. Therefore, it makes sense to utilize antibiotics to eradicate prostate infection. One ought to immediately take antibiotics to eradicate the infection. In such instances, antiviral drugs will undoubtedly be prescribed.

Alcohol can impact antibiotics in the aforementioned ways. Hence, you have to be vigilant whilst combining antibiotics and alcohol in just about any form. Therefore, a better choice to treat such a prostatitis would be to consider other prescription medicines. Nevertheless, it is advisable to finish the recommended span of prednisone dosage to find the best of recovery outcomes. This causes accumulation of glucose within the blood, which then results in diabetes. These mechanisms differ based on the form of antibiotics used.

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Active – active substance / start: cephalexin

Apo – Tsefaleks; Kefleks; Klortsef; Novo – Lexin; Oratsef; Ospeksin; Palitreks; Piassan; Prileks; Proleksin; Soleksin; Soleksin – KID; Soleksin – Forte; Sporideks; Torlasporin; Feleksin; Tsefabene; Tsefadar; Tsefaklen; Tsefaleks; Cephalexin; Cephalexin – ICCO; Cephalexin – ratiopharm; Cephalexin – Teva; Cephalexin sodium salt; Tseff.

Cephalexin – a semisynthetic cephalosporin antibiotic 1 – third generation oral with a wide spectrum of antimicrobial action. It is used to treat infections of mild to moderate severity: respiratory tract infections and ENT – organs, skin, soft tissues, bones and joints, urinary tract, gynecological infections, gonorrhea, .

Active – active substance:
Cephalexin / Cephalexin.

Dosage Forms:
The capsules.
oral suspension (dry matter for the preparation of oral suspension).


Properties / Action:
Cephalexin belongs to a group of semi-synthetic cephalosporin. Cephalexin inhibits the synthesis of bacterial wall.
It has bactericidal activity against a broad spectrum of gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms. Most strains of the following microorganisms are sensitive to cephalexin:
Gram-positive microorganisms: Staphylococcus aureus (coagulase positive, coagulase and penitsillinazoobrazuyuschie microorganisms); streptococci (enterococci are highly resistant to the drug), pneumococci.
Gram-negative bacteria: E. coli, Salmonellae, Shigellae, Neisseriae, Proteus mirabilis, various strains of Haemophilus mnuenzae (about 75%) and Klebsiella pneumoniae (50%), Treponema pallidum and radiant mushrooms.
Cephalexin has activity against staphylococci, penicillinase and are resistant to penicillin and ampicillin from. It is also active against group A streptococci and diplococci pneumonia, are resistant to tetracyclines.
Enterococci resistant to cephalexin action. Ineffective against Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Proteus indolpolozhitelnyh strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, anaerobic microorganisms.

Cephalexin is stable in an acidic environment, is rapidly and almost completely (95%) is absorbed by ingestion. The extent and rate of absorption do not depend on the fullness of the stomach (do not depend on food intake). A therapeutic concentration in the blood after a single application persists for 4 – 6 hours. Released in significant quantities in the urine unchanged. A small portion is excreted in the bile. Poorly penetrates the blood-brain barrier.

The treatment of infectious diseases of mild to moderate severity caused by susceptible microorganisms to cephalexin. Before use, if possible, conduct the test for resistance.

  • Infections of the upper respiratory tract and ENT – mild to moderate severity organs (tonsillitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, otitis media, mastoiditis);
  • Lower respiratory tract infections of mild to moderate severity (acute and chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, pneumonia, bronchopneumonia, empyema, lung abscess);
  • Urinary tract infections (acute and chronic pyelonephritis, cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis, gonorrhea);
  • Gynaecological and obstetric infections, epididymitis;
  • Gonorrhea;
  • Infections of the skin and soft tissues, bones and joints (furunculosis, abscess, cellulitis, pyoderma, lymphangitis, acute and chronic osteomyelitis).
  • Continue the treatment of severe infections caused by susceptible microorganisms to cephalexin, cephalosporins after initial treatment for parenteral administration.

    Dosage and administration:
    General information:
    Cephalexin is recommended to take 30 – 60 minutes before meals with water.
    The maximum daily dose for adults 6 g daily dose in children must not exceed 4 g
    Cephalexin capsules should be taken with liquid, 2 – 4 times a day.
    The daily dose for infections caused by highly sensitive to cephalexin Gram-positive microorganisms: 1 – 2 Years
    The daily dose for infections caused by less susceptible to cephalexin Gram microorganisms: 2 – 4 g and above.
    The daily dose of cephalexin should be not less than 1 g.

    Cephalexin tablets should be taken with liquid, 2 to 4 times a day.
    1 – 2 g per day, divided into 4 doses, with moderately severe infectious processes.
    3 – 4 grams per day, divided into 4 doses, when expressed infectious processes or infections caused by less susceptible organisms.

    Children under the age of 10 are encouraged to nominate Cephalexin in the form of a suspension.
    Infants and children under 6 years should receive no more than 100 mg / kg of body weight per day – 25 – 50 (up to 100) mg / kg body weight, divided into 4 doses.
    In streptococcal infections, in order to avoid complications, the therapy should be carried out for at least 10 days.

    If your doctor has not indicated otherwise, the appointment of cephalexin recommended guided by the following scheme:

    The average dose expressed as mg

    The duration of treatment – 7 – 14 days. When infectious diseases caused by streptococci, treatment should continue for at least 10 days. In the treatment of chronic, recurrent, and complicated urinary tract infections recommended therapy for 14 days. Therapy should continue for 2 more days after the disappearance of clinical symptoms.
    Patients with gonorrhea appoint 3 g single dose of cephalexin with 1 g of probenecid men or cephalexin 2 g and 0.5 g probenecid women.
    Patients with renal insufficiency prescribe a lower dose. If creatinine clearance is 5 – 15 ml / min, then 2.5 g of cephalexin administered. If the level of creatinine clearance is less than 5 ml / min, cephalexin daily dose should not exceed 1.5 g hemodialysis patients additionally administered 500 mg cephalexin after each dialysis, the daily dosage is 1 g Babies additionally administered 8 mg / kg.

    Side effects:
    Side effects are relatively rare. There may be:

  • Gastro – intestinal disorders (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dry mouth, anorexia, abdominal pain);
  • Transient neutropenia, eosinophilia;
  • superinfection caused by resistant to malaria infections, particularly candidiasis vaginal mucosa, dysbacteriosis;
  • Allergic reactions (itching, skin rash, urticaria, angioedema, anaphylactic shock);
  • headaches, weakness, dizziness.
    These side effects are rare and usually disappear after discontinuation of the drug.
    In some cases, it noted a slight transient increase in serum glutamic – oxaloacetic transaminase and serum pyruvic transaminase after treatment with cephalexin; in rare cases, possible cholestatic jaundice, hepatitis.
    Serious side effects have been noted to date. However, in the event of adverse reactions is necessary yet, consult a doctor.

    Hypersensitivity to cephalosporins, beta – laktaminam – penicillins, carbapenems.

    Application of pregnancy and breast-:
    Despite the lack of data on the teratogenicity of cephalexin, should not be used during pregnancy only if it does not exist vital evidence. Perhaps if the expected effect of therapy outweighs the potential risk to the fetus. At the time of treatment should stop breastfeeding.

    Special instructions and precautions:
    Patients with allergies to penicillin cephalosporin derivative cephalexin should be used cautiously in – the possibility of cross-reaction development. It will be appreciated that, in accordance with the literature, there is cross-allergy between penicillins and cephalosporins in penicillin hypersensitivity to about 5 – 10% of patients. cephalexin Treatment should be discontinued in the event of allergic reactions, especially such as anaphylactic shock, and must be assigned normal in such cases, anti shock therapy.
    The urine of patients receiving cephalexin, can give a false positive reaction on sugar (glucosuria). Coombs test in patients receiving cephalosporins or penicillins sometimes gives false positive result, if a Benedictine or Fehling’s solution, copper sulfate, or “klinitest” pills. In the tests, which are based on the action of enzymes, such as “Klinistiks” pseudo-positive reaction to the glycosuria is not.
    The simultaneous use of high doses of cephalosporins and nephrotoxic drugs (aminoglycosides, strong diuretics) sometimes leads to impaired renal function, which is not seen in the application of the usual doses.
    In patients with impaired renal function, cumulative effect is possible (requires correction mode) – cephalexin prescribed with caution in small doses.
    When staph infection exists cross resistance between cephalosporins and izoksazolilpenitsillinami.
    In the period of treatment can not drink alcohol.
    As with any other oral use of antibiotics may develop secondary infections.

    Drug Interactions:
    In the oral administration of cephalosporins incompatibility with other drugs have been noted.
    Furosemide. ethacrynic acid and nephrotoxic antibiotics increase the risk of kidney damage.
    increases the effects of anticoagulants. The combined use of cephalosporins with anticoagulants can lead to an increase in prothrombin time.
    Salicylates and indomethacin slow excretion.

    Dispensed by prescription.

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