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Nimotop Nimodipine 30 mg
Most popular brand: Nimotop
Active ingredient: Nimodipine
Available dosage forms: 30 mg
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Nimodipine general information

Nifedipine er drug, Vegas, NV. Nifedipine whilst breastfeeding, Riverside, CA. Nifedipine dosage when pregnant, Norfolk, VA.. Limit using alcohol whilst taking this medication. Take nifedipine completely as directed. Continue taking nifedipine even should you feel well.

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Calcium-channel blockers, or sometimes known as calcium blockers, have existed lately in the area of anti-hypertensive drugs. This neighborhood tissue hypoxia theory. These can be accomplished at dwelling, and is also an uterine tonic. Raynaud’s phenomenon is oftentimes treated with nifedipine.

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For patients that have high blood pressure. Serious side effects can consist of low blood pressure as well as heart failure. It’s also used for the tiny subset of people who have pulmonary hypertension. This really is so, based on scientists, because calcium-channel blockers’ capacity to decrease blood pressure can cause sudden impact to body. You shouldn’t alter the dose of your own medicine if you aren’t told to do so by your prescriber Phentermine and topiramate is not going to treat any underlying condition you’ve got such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, superior blood pressure. This is really not a comprehensive list of all side effects that may happen.

Nifedipine was discovered in 1969 and approved to be used in the USA in 1981. Nifedipine is taken orally and comes in rapid and slow release formulations. The quantity of acid produced within the stool. Nifedipine is usually thought to work nicely with emergencies showing little side consequences.

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Relaxation and delight, some of it’s possible you will want to understand additional Hypertension Pregnancy Nifedipine relating to this period. Don’t take nifedipine without first speaking to your doctor should you be breast-feeding a baby. Metformin do not gain weight a standard problem with a number of other diabetes. Case managers also draw blood usually to analyze the ovaries, causing ovulation. Although accuracy considerably increases, it may get rid of a little window in every month of pregnancy, especially over time.

Before you can use the background information you need to accept the news Agreement.

Active – active substance / start: nimodipine

Breinal; Diltseren; Nemotan; nimodipine; Nimotop.

Nimodipine – a calcium channel blocker, Proofreader cerebrovascular events. Nimodipine has antiischemic properties and exerts vasodilating effect predominantly on the brain vessels. Timely administration of nimodipine medications can reduce the severity of neurological symptoms arising from cerebral ischemia, and in some cases – reducing mortality. It is used in patients with ischemic stroke, neurological disorders due to cerebral vasospasm, senile dementia, ischemic stroke, migraine.

Active – active substance:
Nimodipine / Nimodipine.

Dosage Forms:
The solution for infusion.


Properties / Action:
Nimodipine – a calcium channel blocker of the dihydropyridine derivative. Selectively interacts with calcium channels type L and blocks the transmembrane entry of calcium ions.
A special feature of the drug is the predominant influence on the brain’s blood supply. Dilatiruyuschee drug has effects on the brain blood vessels and has antiischemic properties.
Nimodipine prevents or eliminates vasospasm caused by various vasoconstrictor biologically active substances (serotonin, prostaglandins, histamine).
Under the influence of the drug is more pronounced increase in perfusion previously affected brain areas with inadequate blood supply than in healthy areas not affecting systemic blood pressure. Most clearly this effect at spasms of blood vessels after subarachnoid hemorrhage.
Nimodipine has a protective effect against brain neurons stabilizes their functional state. Favorably affects the memory and improves the ability to concentrate.

After oral nimodipine tablets is well absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract (50% or more of the drug is absorbed). Its bioavailability is about 10 – 15%, which is associated with an intense (85 – 90%) of the drug in the metabolism of “first pass” through the liver.
Within 10 – 15 minutes nimodipine determined in plasma as the unchanged substance and its primary metabolite. After a single destination into 60 mg the maximum plasma concentration is reached after 0.6 – 1.6 hours and an average of 31 ng / ml.
When increasing the dose to 90 mg noted proportional increase in maximum values ​​of the drug concentration in plasma and area under the curve “concentration – time”.
The volume of distribution is 0.9 – 1.6 l / kg.
The binding to plasma proteins is 95 – 99%. The distribution between plasma and erythrocytes 1: 1.2.
During prolonged infusion of nimodipine at a rate of 0.03 mg / kg / h average sustained plasma concentration of the drug amount to 17.6 – 26.6 ng / mL. After introduction / v bolus nimodipine concentration in blood plasma decreases bi-phase, with half-lives of 5 – 10 minutes and about 60 minutes. Nimodipine
displayed as inactive metabolites and 1% – as unchanged drug (50% of the administered dose – in the urine and 30% – in bile).
The half-life of nimodipine is 1.1 – 1.7 hours (to 10 hours). Total clearance – 0.6 – 1.9 l / h. Nimodipine
well penetrates through the blood – brain barrier and is found in the cerebrospinal fluid at a concentration of 0.5% of the level of the drug in the blood plasma.
Long-term use of nimodipine does not lead to its accumulation in the body.
In patients with cirrhosis the bioavailability of nimodipine significantly higher.
Probably nimodipine penetration through the placenta and breast milk intake.


  • Prevention of cerebral vasospasm and treatment of ischemic cerebrovascular disorder caused by subarachnoid hemorrhage;
  • Neurological disorders due to cerebral vasospasm, treatment and prevention of ischemic cerebrovascular events (including the hypertensive crisis);
  • Status after operative treatment for subarachnoid hemorrhage;
  • Treatment of senile dementia;
  • Treatment of remote consequences of ischemic stroke, subarachnoid hemorrhage;
  • migraine prevention.

    Dosage and administration:
    Inside, intravenously the drip, intracisternally.
    In order to prevent cerebral vasospasm with subarachnoid hemorrhage rate of nimodipine infusion therapy should be initiated as early as possible (no later than 4 days after hemorrhage) and continue for 5 – 14 days. Then, for the next 7 days it is recommended that treatment with nimodipine in the form of tablets.
    course of infusion therapy begins with the intravenous drip administration of nimodipine for 2 hours at a dose of 2 mg (10 ml solution). Given the body weight of the patient is administered 1 h about 15 mg / kg. Then, provided a good tolerability of the drug, especially in the absence of hypotension, the dose was increased to 2 mg / hr (about 30 ug / kg / h). In patients weighing less than 70 kg or labile blood pressure, administration of the drug should be started at a dose of 0.5 mg (2.5 mL of solution) / h.
    infusion solution is introduced continuously into / through a central catheter using an infusion pump and a three-way stopcock at the same time with one of the following solutions: 5% glucose solution. 0.9% sodium chloride solution. Ringer’s solution, Ringer’s solution, magnesia, or dextran 40 solution 6% solution of poly (0 – 2 – hydroxyethyl) starch in a ratio of 1: 4 (nimodipine dissolved solution, etc., respectively.). The mannitol can be used as a co-infusion. blood or human albumin. For adequate dilution solution nimodipine need to administered within 1 day liquid amount was not less than 1000 ml. When conducting
    intracisternal instillation during surgery nimodipine administered as a dilute solution prepared ex tempore and nimodipine containing 1 ml solution for infusions in 19 ml of Ringer’s solution.
    After the completion of nimodipine infusion therapy appointed interior of 0.06 g (60 mg), 6 times a day (with a minimum interval of 4 hours). Tablets are taken regardless of meals (preferably on an empty stomach), without chewing, with a small amount of liquid.
    Patients with low weight or with renal impairment is recommended that a single dose 15 – 30 mg.
    When senile dementia nimodipine appointed interior of 0.03 g (30 mg) 3 times a day.
    The duration of oral nimodipine set individually. It may be several months, after which they should be made clear the need to continue taking the drug.

    Symptoms. In acute overdose observed facial flushing, headache, severe hypotension, tachycardia or bradycardia, nausea, gastro – intestinal disorders.
    Treatment. Immediate removal of the drug. When oral nimodipine shows gastric lavage followed by activated carbon. In severe hypotension administered intravenous dopamine or norepinephrine, symptomatic therapy.
    Hemodialysis is ineffective.

    Side effects:
    Nimodipine is generally well tolerated. In cases of mild side effects of the full withdrawal of the drug is needed.
    Cardio – vascular system: decrease in blood pressure (1 – 9%), possible – a sharp decrease in blood pressure (which is particularly undesirable in the initial arterial hypotension), tachycardia (

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