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Omnicef Cefdinir 300 mg
Most popular brand: Omnicef
Active ingredient: Cefdinir
Available dosage forms: 300 mg
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Cefdinir general information

Among the most frequent varieties of gum infections is gingivitis. Popularly thought of as ceftin, this medication is advised for severe kinds of sinus infections. This may imply that the sinus problem is owing to a viral infection and one may need to consider other treatment alternatives for sinusitis caused by virus attack. Additionally, there’s not the recurrence of the status as there’s with antibiotics. When antibiotics become necessary to remove this annoying issue, amoxicillin has always become the very first option of treatment. There are a few specific kinds of bacteria that are mostly shown to be responsible for causing ear infection.

Aspiration pneumonia generally arises on account of the entry of the foreign material within the lungs. This might appear as a contradiction, especially since the steam related to a conventional sauna can aggravate certain breathing circumstances, especially asthma. This could happen because of an allergic reaction to the medication, or because of an overdose.

I am able to remember my very first sinus infection like it were yesterday. Cephalosporin antibiotics also have been quite beneficial to knock out this bacterial infection. It’s also used for remedying protozoal infections.

Treatment Abnormal development of cancerous cells within the brain leads to brain tumor or brain cancer. Chemotherapy drugs that are often used as a treatment for cancer can also be in possession of a negative effect on normal RBC count. Cephalosporins are assigned to pregnancy category B by the FDA, meaning there are really no known adverse impacts on the fetus.

Naturally, a succession of tests really have to be conducted for a health practitioner to distinguish the reason for the issue. Therefore, the healthcare provider decides the plan of treatment, agreeing with the affliction of the patient. There are sure medications that are offered as a way to combat this illness, but these shouldn’t be administered less the consent of the doctor. The precise treatment is contingent on the type and difficulty of the condition, and might require hospitalization too. At times, medications for example ibuprofen could be used to heal the condition. Medication must constantly be administered with outstanding caution.

You might have already realized that antibiotics don’t always work! By taking an ounce two times each day, you are going to see that it’s going to have therapeutic effects in regards to treating sinus infections. With this specific device, you are going to be able to create your own colloidal silver supplement which one may take to treat your own sinus infection. Nutritional deficiencies, alcohol, smoking and usage of tobacco may lead to gum infections.

Anemia is normally diagnosed in people experiencing iron deficiency. In certain people, blood clots are formed within the bloodstream, when they’re not required. Abdominal dysfunction because of peptic ulceration can cause discomfort. The stomach or esophagus may also be perforated due to usage of surgical instruments. Deaths due to pneumonia were quite common a couple of decades back. This has been primarily credited to abnormality within the bone marrow stem cells but can occur because of secondry factors like chronic lung disease.

Viral infections are a lot more troublesome to get rid of. An adult doesn’t necessarily must be sick to become adult ear infection. This is actually the reason children, especially toddlers are somewhat more prone to infections. Therefore, it cannot execute drainage function properly along with the child suffers from ear infection over and over. An individual can get allergies as soon as the allergens are breathed in.

Brain tumor is actually a life-threatening disease and certainly will affect any region of the brain. Treatment Any disorder regarding the inner ear can lead to vertigo. Following are some of the feasible causes that offer rise to such symptoms. Some may develop such disorders with no particular cause.

Some men and women suffer with sinus infections for decades off and on, as in the instance of chronic sinus infections, though other folks just have problems with one and then get over it, as I did. Fortunately for me it stopped after a couple of days and some all-natural sinus infection treatments, but that’sn’t always true for everybody. The pain that sinus infection causes will further be diminished and enhance the caliber of your own life. With colloidal silver, you’ll observe that this will have the ability to effectively eliminate sinus infection and enhance the caliber of your own life. If not one of this works, a surgery could be recommended. You may experience ulceration within the mouth.

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Release form, composition and packaging

caps. 300 mg: 10 pieces
Reg.. Number: 10042/12 from 04.12.2012 – Current

Capsules beige – blue, with Pharmacare logo on the lid and the body of the capsule; containing powder beige or brown – yellow.

Excipients: croscarmellose sodium, povidone K – 29/32, colloidal silicon dioxide, calcium carbonate light, lactose monohydrate, makrogolglitserila hydroxystearate, purified talc, sodium stearyl fumarate.

The composition of the capsule shell: methyl paraben, propyl paraben, gelatin, brilliant blue, karmuazin, orange yellow, tartrazine, titanium dioxide.

10 pcs. – Blisters (1) – packs cardboard.

Description drug ADITSEF created in 2015 on the basis of the instructions posted on the official website of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus.

The active ingredient is Aditsefa cefdinir – a semi-synthetic cephalosporin antibiotic with a wide spectrum of III generation of action for oral administration. Like other antibiotics of cephalosporin group, cefdinir has a bactericidal effect against sensitive microorganisms due to inhibition of bacterial cell wall synthesis by interfering with peptidoglycan final stage transamination required for cross-linking. Cefdinir is resistant to many, but not all, & beta; – Lactamases produced by Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. Due to this, many bacteria resistant to penicillin and some cephalosporins are susceptible to cefdinir.

The spectrum of action of cefdinir include:

Aerobic gram-positive microorganisms: Staphylococcus aureus (including strains producing & beta; – lactamase), Staphylococcus pneumonia (only strains are sensitive to penicillin), Staphylococcus pyogenes.

Aerobic gram-negative microorganisms: Haemophilus influenza (including strains producing & beta; – lactamase), Haemophilus parainfluenza (including strains producing & beta; – lactamase), Moraxella catarrhalis (including strains producing & beta; – lactamase).

The following data were obtained in vitro, but their clinical significance is unknown.

The minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) Cefdinir invitrosostavlyaet 1 ug / ml or less in relation to (& ge; 90%) of the following strains of microorganisms; however cefdinir safety and efficacy in the treatment of infections caused by microorganisms mentioned below, has not been demonstrated in clinical trials.

Aerobic Gram – positive microorganisms: Staphylococcus epidermidis, Streptococcus agalactiae, Streptococcus group viridans.

Aerobic gram-negative microorganisms: Citrobacter diversus, Escherichia coli, Klebsiela pneumonia, Proteus mirabilis.

Cefdinir is inactive against strains: Pseudomonas, Enterobacter, Enterococcus and methicillin – resistant strains of staphylococci.

The carcinogenic, mutagenic properties, Impairment of Fertility

Carcinogenicity. The carcinogenic potential of Cefdinir has not been studied..

mutagenicity Cefdinir showed no mutagenic properties in the test to assess the bacterial reverse mutation (Ames test) or point mutations in the gipksantin – guanine fosforiboziltransferaznom locus (of HGPRT) on the V79 Chinese hamster lung cells. Do not manifested clastogenic effect invitrov test for evaluation of structural chromosomal aberrations in the V79 Chinese hamster lung cells or in vivo micronucleus test in the mouse spinal cord.

of impaired fertility. Cefdinir has not demonstrated the negative impact on the reproductive function of male and female rats when administered at doses up to 1000 mg / kg / day orally (70 times the recommended maximum therapeutic dose based on the calculation mg / kg / day, 11 times of calculation based on mg / m 2 / day).

Oral bioavailability

The time to reach C max Cefdinir when taken orally in capsule form or suspension is from 2 to 4 hours after ingestion. Cefdinir plasma concentration increases with increasing dose, but the increase becomes less proportional to the dose range of 300 mg (7 mg / kg) to 600 mg (14 mg / kg).

Cefdinir may be taken regardless of meals.

Cefdinir does not accumulate in plasma in one – and two-time admission per day in patients with normal renal function.

The average V d cefdinir in adult patients is 0.35 l / kg (& plusmn; 0.29); in pediatric patients (ages 6 months to 12 years), the average V d is 0.67 l / kg (& plusmn; 0.38). Cefdinir degree of binding to plasma proteins is from 60% to 70% in adults and pediatric patients; the degree of binding is independent of concentration cefdinir. The drug is well distributed in the liquid skin blisters in tonsil tissue, sinuses, middle ear, lungs. Data on cefdinir penetration into the cerebrospinal fluid is not.

Metabolism and excretion

Cefdinir is not exposed to significant metabolism. Eliminated cefdinir primarily by the kidneys, the average T 1/2 from plasma is 1.7 (& plusmn; 0.6) hours in healthy volunteers with intact renal function, renal clearance is 2,0 (& plusmn; 1.0). ML / min / kg and the apparent oral clearance – 11.6 (& plusmn; 6.0) and 15.5 (& plusmn; 5.4) ml / min / kg after administration of 300 and 600 mg respectively. The average percentage of the dose, output unchanged in the urine when taking 300 and 600 mg, is 18.4% (& plusmn; 6.4) and 11.6% (& plusmn; 4.6), respectively. Cefdinir clearance is reduced in patients with impaired renal function.

Because renal excretion is the main route of elimination, the dosage should be appropriately reduced in patients with severe renal impairment or in patients undergoing hemodialysis.

Patients with renal insufficiency

In patients with creatinine clearance CLcr 30 to 60 ml / min, C max and T 1/2 . It was less than about 2 times and AUC is about 3 times. In subjects with CLcr < 30 ml / min, C max was increased approximately 2-fold, T 1/2 – about 5 times and AUC about 6 times. Patients with marked renal impairment (creatinine clearance of < 30 ml / min) is recommended to change the dosing regimen.

dialysis (duration 4 hours) removed 63% of cefdinir from the body and reduces the T 1/2 16 (& plusmn; 3.5) to 3.2 (& plusmn; 1.2). H mode change is recommended in these patients dosing.

Since cefdinir primarily eliminated by the kidneys and is not subject to significant metabolism studies in patients with hepatic impairment have not been conducted. Do not imply a change in dosing regimen in these patients.

For the elderly patients do not need to change dosage regimen, if they have not observed significant renal impairment (creatinine clearance of < 30 ml / min.


Adults and adolescents

; Community-acquired pneumonia, caused by Haemophilus influenza (including strains producing & beta; – lactamase), Haemophilus parainfluenzae (including strains producing & beta; – lactamase), Streptococcus pneumonia (only strains sensitive to penicillin) and Moraxella catarrhalis ( including strains producing & beta; – lactamase);

; Exacerbation of chronic bronchitis, caused by Haemophilus influenza (including strains producing & beta; – lactamase), Haemophilus parainfluenzae (including strains producing & beta; – lactamase), Streptococcus pneumonia (only strains sensitive to penicillin), and Moraxella catarrhalis (including strains producing & beta; – lactamase);

; Acute sinusitis, caused by Haemophilus influenza (including strains producing & beta; – lactamase), Streptococcus pneumonia (only strains sensitive to penicillin) and Moraxella catarrhalis (including strains producing & beta; – lactamase);

; Pharyngitis / tonsillitis, caused by Streptococcus pyogenes.

; skin and skin structure infections, caused by Staphylococcus aureus (including strains producing & beta; – lactamase) and Streptococcus pyogenes.

; Acute bacterial otitis media, caused by Haemophilus influenza (including strains producing & beta; – lactamase), Streptococcus pneumonia (only strains sensitive to penicillin) and Moraxella catarrhalis (including strains producing & beta; – lactamase)

; Pharyngitis / tonsillitis . caused by Streptococcus pyogenes;

; skin and skin structure infections, caused by Staphylococcus aureus (including strains producing & beta; – lactamase) and Streptococcus pyogenes.

The batch is individually depending on the age, body weight, renal function of the patient and the severity of infection.

Adults: 600 mg / day in a single dose or in two divided doses.

For Kids: 14 mg / kg / day. Recommended intake of slurry.

The daily dose for all infections is 600 mg. Aditsef can be taken regardless of meals. Course Length – 5 – 10 days.

Adults and adolescents (age 13 years and older)

For children weighing & ge; 43 maximum daily dose should not exceed 600 mg.

Patients with renal insufficiency

Patients with a creatinine clearance of < 30 ml / min cefdinir should be administered at a dose of 300 mg 1 time / day.

Patients on hemodialysis

Hemodialysis helps to eliminate cefdinir from the body. For patients undergoing continuous hemodialysis the recommended initial dose is 300 mg or 7 mg / kg per day. At the end of each dialysis session is assigned (300 mg or 7 mg / kg) of cefdinir. Subsequent doses (300 mg or 7 mg / kg) is then assigned to each day.

If you miss a regular dose of the drug, it should be taken as soon as you remember. If this technique missed dose is necessary at the time of the next dose, skip the missed dose and reception to follow dosage regimen is still not sleduetudvaivat dose.

Security Cefdinir has been studied in clinical trials involving 5093 adults and adolescents with the appointment at a dose of 600 mg / day. Cefdinir well tolerated identified adverse reactions were mild in nature and its manifestations spontaneously passed after the cancellation. In 3% of adult patients and 2% of children cefdinir cancellation due to adverse reactions was assessed as having a credible, probable or possible relationship with receiving cefdinir. Most discontinuations were associated with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, mainly manifested by diarrhea or nausea. At 0.4% of adults and 0.2% of children was due to removal of the drug development of rash in patients receiving cefdinir.

Adverse events associated with taking cefdinir in studies involving adults, adolescents and children:

The frequency of & ge; 1%: diarrhea, vaginal candidiasis, nausea, headache, vaginitis, abdominal pain, rash.

The frequency of < 1% and> 0.1%: rash, dyspepsia, flatulence, nausea, disorders stool, anorexia, constipation, dizziness, dryness of the mouth, asthenia, insomnia, leucorrhoea, candidiasis, skin candida, vaginal candidiasis, vaginitis , pruritus, somnolence, hyperkinesia, ACT boost makulopopuleznaya rash, abdominal pain, leukopenia.

Adverse reactions typical of the cephalosporin

The following adverse events and changes in laboratory parameters were reported in connection with the appointment of cephalosporin group of antibiotics in general:

Allergic reactions, anaphylaxis, Stevens – Johnson syndrome, erythema multiforme, toxic epidermal necrolysis, renal dysfunction, toxic neuropathy, hepatic dysfunction including cholestasis, aplastic anemia, hemolytic anemia, hemorrhagic disorders, a false positive test for glucose in the urine, neutropenia, pancytopenia and agranulocytosis. Pseudomembranous colitis can occur both during and field end purpose antibiotic.

The use of certain cephalosporins accompanied by the development of seizures, particularly in patients with impaired renal function, which is not recalculated dose. If the therapy developed convulsions, you should stop taking the antibiotic. anticonvulsant therapy may be administered in clinical need.


Aditsef is contraindicated in patients with allergy to the cephalosporin class of antibiotics in history.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Pregnancy and childbirth

In preclinical studies, there was no evidence of teratogenicity cefdinir when administered orally to rats at doses up to 1000 mg / kg / day (70 times the recommended maximum therapeutic dose based on the calculation mg / kg / day to 11 times based on the calculation mg / m 2 / day) or rabbits in doses up to 10 mg / kg / day (0.7 times higher than the maximum recommended therapeutic dose calculated based on mg / kg / day to 0.23-fold based on the calculation mg / m 2 / day). Cefdinir no effect on reproductive parameters of female figures offspring survival, as well as the parameters of its development, behavior and reproductive function. However, data from clinical trials on the results of cefdinir in pregnant women are missing. Since studies to assess effects on reproduction in animals do not always make it possible to predict the results of the effect on the human body, cefdinir can be administered during pregnancy only if justified clinically necessary. Influence of Cefdinir destination for delivery has not been studied.

When you assign Cefdinir 600 mg, it is not detected in the breast milk of nursing mothers.

Before starting therapy Aditsefom necessary to exclude the presence of a history of hypersensitivity reactions to penicillins and cephalosporins.

If you want the appointment of cefdinir patients with existing hypersensitivity to penicillins should exercise extreme caution, as it is proved the existence of cross-hypersensitivity between beta – lactam antibiotics, which reaches 10% in patients with existing allergic reactions to penicillin in history. If the introduction of cefdinir seen the development of an allergic reaction, discontinue administration immediately. In the case of severe hypersensitivity reactions may require administration of epinephrine and taking other emergency measures, including oxygen supply, administration of intravenous fluids, intravenous antihistamines, corticosteroids, pressor amines and airway management in case of clinical need.

Assign Aditsefa in the absence of a proven or reasonably suspected bacterial infection or a prophylactic justified reason is of questionable benefit to the patient and increases the risk of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

In the application of nearly all antibacterial agents, including cefdinir, there were cases of Clostridium difficile – associated diarrhea, which varies in severity from mild diarrhea to fatal colitis with. Treatment antibacterial agents alters the normal flora of the large intestine that leads to excessive growth of C. difficile.

In case of suspicion or confirmation of Clostridium difficile – associated diarrhea to be assigned to antibiotic therapy should be discontinued if it has no effect on Clostridium difficile. Based on the clinical condition of the patient can be shown replenishment liquid, the introduction of solutions of electrolytes and amino acids, antibiotics Clostridium difficile, surgery.

Aditsef as other antimicrobial broad-spectrum drugs (antibiotics) should be administered with caution to patients with a history of colitis.

In patients with transient or persistent renal insufficiency (creatinine clearance of < 30 ml / min), the daily dose should be reduced Aditsefa since the appointment of the recommended doses can lead to a significant increase in plasma concentrations and T 1/2 cefdinir.

The appointment of cephalosporins can sometimes lead to a positive result of Coombs test.

Effects on ability to drive and work with dangerous machinery and devices

The experience of cefdinir showed no adverse effects on the ability to drive vehicles and work with dangerous machinery and devices.

Data on cefdinir overdosage in humans are absent. In acute toxicity studies in rodents, a single oral administration at a dose of cefdinir 5600 mg / kg did not lead to the development of adverse reactions. In hemodialysis cefdinir it is removed from the body, which can be useful in case of serious toxic reactions due to overdose, especially in the case of impaired renal function in a patient.

Terms of pharmacies holidays

The drug is released with a prescription.

Information about drugs, prescription posted on the site is intended only for experts. The information contained on the Site should not be used by patients to make independent decisions on the application submitted by drugs and can not serve as a replacement of doctor’s advice.


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