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Retin-A Tretinoin 0.025, 0.05 %
Most popular brand: Retin-A
Active ingredient: Tretinoin
Available dosage forms: 0.025, 0.05 %
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Tretinoin general information

Tretinoin creams, however, shouldn’t be used while pregnant. Do a little research and locate the proper preventative creams that’s been proven to stop stretch marks.Help yourself now, and begin your prevention strategy before it’s too late. You may find it beneficial to utilize an exceptional cream, or moisturizing lotions along with diet and exercise as portion of a comprehensive package. It’s available in a type of cream and gels in distinct strengths.

Natural and herbal treatments are extremely effective for a lot of people. 1 idea will be to attempt to go on the internet and discover other men and women who’ve had success with various methods of skin whitening. Many of treatments are very pricey, not curative and there isn’t any guarantee they will work in any way. Because of the fact that a lot of patients are reluctant to search for the advice and aid of a doctor or dermatologist, I’m offering the following article to help patients in speaking with their doctor.

The actual fact is the fact that acne is truly a far more complex condition than we have a tendency to realize. Actually to cure acne, one should get to the primary reason for the acne problem, not only cover its symptoms.Acne may be removed by following a wholesome diet regimen and drinking a lot of water. Each procedure, naturally, has there own benefits and hazards. I’d say 80-90% better.

Laser resurfacing is a well-known treatment for several skin defects. There are lots of topical skincare goods, medications as well as home remedies that could improve mild scarring, however, most acne scars are treated with a mix of surgical procedures as well as skin resurfacing. Classic skin resurfacing techniques haven’t any effect on rolling scars. Moisturizing is one essential portion of an excellent skincare regimen which is frequently neglected.

There are numerous excellent African American skincare products which are especially made to oil, protect, and repair black skin. Perhaps you are not knowledgeable about retinol goods, but they include a variety of offerings to assist with anti aging. Don’t forget, no quantity of skin lightening products will be of any help if you don’t utilize appropriate sunscreen. These chemicals are the ones popular in natual skin care items like lotions or creams for your own skin. A majority of the cleaners used daily within the home are produced with toxic substances for example petrochemicals.

Lemon is known to offer a calming result on the epidermis and vitamin C maintains glowing epidermis. That’s why skin lightening cream free of hydroquinone is really critical. It’s also a great thought to apply sunscreen since this helps with irregular or hyper pigmentation. On the opposite hand, black skincare products for your own body often must cope with an entirely different problem and that’s dry skin that may secure a type of ashy look. Leave the Finacea gel on your own skin through the night as you sleep. It doesn’t strip your face of unprocessed oils.

Isotretinoin is believed to be most efficient medicine for severe acne. Also there’s absolutely no info to confirm that the usage of retinoic acid is secure during breastfeeding. Retinoids can bring about dryness of the epidermis and might also bring about itching in certain individuals. There are some side results and concerns when using retinol solutions. The products are extremely good for exfoliation to eliminate dead skin, and they’re also effectual in opening up blocked pores. Cosmetics could be used to conceal the repercussions of rosacea.

The results of the use of tretinoin

– reducing the number of wrinkles and slowing the formation of new wrinkles,
– improving the texture and skin smoothing,
– the fight against acne, acne, reducing inflammation in the cells,
– treatment of hyperpigmentation ,
– treatment of stretch marks, etc..

All of this is achieved by increasing cell regeneration, and updating it!

Tretinoin is by far one of the best and most radical means in the fight against acne as significantly reduces the production of sebum, inhibits the formation of blackheads, acne promotes the transition of closed into open.

Tretinoin intensively stimulates the division of skin cells and accelerates its update on the deep (basal) level.

Tretinoin nullifies the overgrowth of epithelial ducts of the sebaceous glands, resulting in longer ducts collect dead cells and improves their removal from the body.

The use of tretinoin significantly reduces inflammation and locally increases the resistance of cells directly in the hearth of purulent process.

Tretinoin is a unique anti-aging agent (ie a means for the prevention of the emergence of wrinkles) and approved by the US Food and Drug.

Several studies have shown that topical application of tretinoin is effective in the treatment of wrinkles and skin pigmentation disorders that were caused by excessive exposure to sunlight.

The treatment with this drug significantly increases the thickness of the epidermis, it stimulates the synthesis of collagen fibers and bearing support function. Form new blood vessels, increasing blood flow, reduces pores, reduces unwanted pigmentation.

Tretinoin stimulates the activity of fibroblasts, thereby improving the skin’s elasticity. The fibroblasts produce collagen and elastin fibers, fibroblasts but decreased with age and reduces their activity.

Tretinoin is also effective in the treatment of striae (so-called “white stretch”) in combination with preparations containing 20% ​​glycolic acid and 0.05% tretinoin.

Restrictions on the use of tretinoin

is contraindicated in pregnancy. Appointment of pregnant women retinoids leads to abortion and violation of the formation of the fetus (violation of the formation and development of the central nervous system structures, eyes, thymus, skeletal system, etc..). At the time of treatment should stop breastfeeding.


Not compatible with tetracyclines (increased risk of intracranial hypertension), oral contraceptives containing progesterone (reduced contraceptive effect), vitamin A (risk of hypervitaminosis A), as well as photosensitizing drugs (sulfonamides, thiazide diuretics, phenothiazines, and others.) , cosmetic and hygiene products, causing desquamation, dryness and irritation of the skin. Tretinoin increases systemic exposure at the local use of minoxidil. When applied topically, systemic use of retinoids – containing substances, and prolonged exposure to the sun, the warm climate, UV radiation increases the risk of adverse reactions. Ketoconazole and other drugs that affect hepatic cytochrome oxidase, increase the concentration of tretinoin in plasma. The therapeutic effect is enhanced when local appointment when combined with benzoyl peroxide and antibiotics (should not be administered at the same time).

The effectiveness of tretinoin: how long to wait for the results

Daily use of tretinoin with an average degree of concentration of 0.05% (at the moment there is a dosage of 0.025% and 0.1%) relatively quickly reduces the depth of wrinkles and compaction of the stratum corneum.

Further changes occur gradually. The maximum effect is achieved approximately 2 years after the start of the course. By this time, a part of the skin usually appear persistent changes associated with the partial replacement of the damaged collagen newly synthesized.

To maintain the achieved effect will allow the use of the drug up to 3 times per week.

The stimulatory effect of tretinoin to the skin can persist for up to 4 – months after the cessation of drug use. It’s quite a long time, if we compare the short-term smoothing effect of using an AHA or BHA.

Getting used to the effects of the drug the skin

As a result of long-term use of tretinoin apathy of the skin on the effects of the drug have been identified.

Possible side effects

When using tools with retinoids redness and irritation may occur, resulting in the skin begins to dry and peel off.

In most cases, this is possible at the beginning, at the stage of getting used to, tretinoin code dries the surface layer of the skin, thereby stimulating the renewal of skin cells.

The first programs included tretinoin should plan in such a way that you can stay at home, if necessary – to the second – third day ispolzovanimya tretinoin possible redness and peeling of the skin. Over time, the skin develops tolerance to retinoic acid stimulation effect and will decrease gradually disappear completely.

If the use of retinoids to the skin is constantly dry and flaky, you should reduce the concentration of tretinoin and / or frequency of use. If that does not work, you will have to renounce the use of tretinoin in connection with individual intolerance to the drug.

Rules of tretinoin

All beginners should read this!

You should begin with once a week, tretinoin works even under such a scheme. Tretinoin begin to apply in the fall, preferably after a course of acid peels, but it is possible and in parallel, while in summer the skin is adapted so that it will be possible to use it in the summer (of course under sanskrin) without the risk of pigmentation.

Enter tretinoin should be slowly and carefully with a small dose (0.025%). From once a week to bring up to 2 – 3 times a week, and then you can every day.

Terms depend on the condition of the skin. When the skin gets used (about a month) and can not switch to higher concentrations (0.05% – 0.1%). With tretinoin better slow down, he continues to work in the skin for up to 72 hours. Apply a thin layer of cream is necessary, the amount of cream on the whole face – about a pea.

From tretinoin will be almost constant skin to peel, it is very dry, so it can be mixed with any (more – less) neutral composition cream or oil (eg, emu, squalene) and smeared on his face.

This method of application: a) reduces the concentration, but it allows long-term use (but not rate), b) reduces the risk of dryness and flaking.

You can also be applied after washing is quickly absorbed non-greasy serum active, and it is already half an hour smear tretinoin.

If there is severe irritation in the form of red spots – stop and tretinoin, and the acid to complete restoration of the skin (!). Peeling and redness as by peeling, there are almost all, this is a side effect, it is desirable to avoid.

According to other information, peeling, redness of the skin to peel and – a measure of burns or skin perezhora, which should not be allowed.

Tretinoin often dries the skin at first, so the day will need to use a nourishing cream. habituation period, ie redness – irritations – peeling lasts from 3 to 6 weeks. This period must be endured.

It is important to apply a retinoid to completely dry face, after 30 – 40 minutes. after washing. Tretinoin can not be combined with water (to be deep internal burns), can not be combined with moisturizing creams (moisturizing creams can be used on other days, when there is in the care of tretinoin). It can be mixed with the nutrient / fat creams or apply a rich cream.

Tretinoin can be used on dry skin only at night, in the morning without fail sanskrin applied.

Any extra facility will reduce the effectiveness over time better to refuse it.

In the eye is better to start with 0.025% one – two times a week, apply on the bottom and on the upper eyelid, it is possible even in mobile, but careful not to fall into the eye. Increasing the dose to once a week every month – here it is important not to hurry, because tretinoin though grows and thickens the dermis, but the epidermis with thin, not worth the risk under the eyes.

Retinoids after acid peeling / tonic have a more pronounced effect is visible and well combined with each other. In the remaining days we adhere to the usual care.

If everything is very bad – it is possible to put on the face Bepanten itching, redness, pain, slipping the skin layers (which should be) – relieves pain, itching and soothes the skin. Those. tretinoin night, morning / afternoon – cream Bepanten these same areas.

If you are using tretinoin every day, after about 6 months, when the result is stable, you can go to 2 – 3 times a week to maintain the effect.

Sample circuit for beginners in the use of tretinoin days:

Variant №1: washing, can serum after 30 – 40 minutes to dry skin tretinoin in a mixture with nourishing cream (1 part to 3 tretinoin – m parts nourishing cream / oil emu).

Option №2: washing, can be serum, after 30 – 40 minutes to dry skin with a thin layer of tretinoin, in an hour – a half a nourishing cream or peptides.

The scheme for advanced users (anti-aging care).

Once a week, a large percentage of peeling acid (30%), then in the other 6 days tretinoin.

The softer option: in the morning wipe the face 5 – 10% tonic acid, tretinoin night.

Acids, Peptides, and tretinoin: compatibility

There are different opinions on the compatibility of acids and peptides. But the overall conclusion is – even peptides are very friendly with acids, but they just do not need to be applied one after the other. Peptides – a protein, a protein fold acids. So it is better to spread over time – for example acid today and tomorrow peptides.

If you combine, the acid in the form of maintenance therapy – indelible weak tonic or cream. If acid peels, the rate for the course – first course acids, peptides and then a course.

Tretinoin and the AHA – acid well with – they remove the upper layer of the skin and facilitate penetration of subsequent funds. But even with this acid peels and tretinoin can not be used in one day (will burn).

Peptides and tretinoin is also good friends. Tretinoin first applied, after 30 – 60 minutes peptides. Copper peptides are applied in conjunction with tretinoin. Zinc is not friendly with copper peptides, so when using copper peptides should be used sanskriny titanium oxide, or peptides in the evening.

According to other reviews peptides tretinoin can cause swelling.

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