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Stromectol Ivermectin 3 mg
Most popular brand: Stromectol
Active ingredient: Ivermectin
Available dosage forms: 3 mg
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Ivermectin general information

Ivermectin has been heralded among the most crucial drugs ever. Ivermectin belongs to a category of drugs generally known as antihelmintics. See Ivermectin Sensitivity above to learn more. See Ivermectin Sensitivity below to learn more. Let’s first understand the necessity to have distinctive names for medicines. Yes, crickets could be a good generator of protein.

Oral ivermectin is a powerful and cost-comparable alternative to topical agents in the therapy for scabies infection. Topical (pour-on) ivermectin in healing canine scabies. Ivermectin is used in the therapy for certain worm infections. Ivermectin solution is provided orally. Prior to taking ivermectin, tell your physician about any other health conditions which you have, especially liver disease. Speak to your doctor prior to taking ivermectin in case you have asthma or possibly a skin condition called onychodermatitis.

Before starting the regimen for avoidance of heartworm, it needs to be established your dog doesn’t have a full-blown condition. Consider signs or symptoms on your own pets or animals, so as to have it receive the required heartworm treatment. The other choice is to set your dog on a secure heartworm therapy. Once you have seen these signs inside your pet, you must seek the advice of the veterinarian. The perfect treatment of lice needs to be secure, free of toxic chemicals, readily available with no prescription, user-friendly, effective, and inexpensive.

Treatment with ivermectin usually involves taking an individual dose, which need to be taken on a bare stomach with a complete glass of plain water. A lot of the mild instances of demodex will get better even with no treatment, or with a number of the ointments which are available for this particular disease. The following treatment is ivermectin, yet this drug is really cheap now that I think it ought to be tried first.

For those who have liver complications, you might not manage to use ivermectin, or you could require a dosage adjustment or exclusive tests during treatment. For the large part, larger dosages are safe, so long as your dogs aren’t infected with heartworms (in which case, very large doses may kill off too many microfilariae at the same time, which can result in an anaphylactic reaction), or in case your dogs hold the mutation that makes them much more vulnerable to ivermectin. This treatment is not advised by the majority of veterinarians since the adult worms aren’t killed. This worm is among the strong grounds to have regular fecal tests. It needs to be simple to use, not rendered ineffective on account of local resistance, and ought not to result in an allergic reactions to the individual being treated. Your veterinarian will have the ability to properly evaluate your dog and determine what medication may be used to protect it entirely from worms that bring about Heartworm disease.

Generic medicine is described as a substitute or perhaps a bioequivalent of the branded medicine with regard to pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties. The research concluded that an individual dose of permethrin was superior to an individual dose of ivermectin. The tiny redworm can likewise inhabit the lining without any kind of inflammation. Dosing is done annually in many cases to guarantee effectiveness.

Several heartworm treatments have been made to be able to supply a cure for this specific sort of dangerous infection. These medications are employed to kill adult worms which are present within the bloodstream. A few of the symptoms for worms, like stomach irritation, might be confused with other health issues. It’s really a blood sucking parasite that leads to anaemia. Overuse of treatments may lead to resistance.

veterinary medicine for dogs and cats

antiparasitic (Ivermectin)

The composition and the form. 1% injectable solution which is obtained by fermentation of the fungus Streptomyces avermitilis. 4 ml ampoule; bottles of 20, 50, 100, 250 and 500 ml.

The pharmacological action. Ivermectin is a broad spectrum anti – parasitic action. He breaks the transmission of nerve impulses from the parasite that causes them to paralysis and death. For the warm-toxic drug. In the therapeutic dose does not have embryotoxic, teratogenic, mutagenic and cumulative properties.

Indications. Ivermectin is used in cattle and sheep. when dictyocauliasis, ostertagiasis, gemonhoze, trihostrongileze, kooperioze, habertioze, protostrongileze, ezofagostomoze, nematodiroze, bunostomoze, strongyloidiasis, trihotsefaleze; pigs: in ascariasis, ezofagostomoze, trihotsefaleze, metastrongylosis, strongiloidoze.

The dosage and method of application. The drug is administered to cattle once subcutaneously in the neck or shoulder blade; sheep in hairless elbow portion folds ET in a dose of 0.2 mg / kg, a rate of 1 ml per 50 kg of body weight; pigs in the base region of the ear at a dose of 0.3 mg ET / kg of 1 ml solution per 33 kg body weight.

Side effects. Failure to follow the recommended doses can toxicosis.

Contra. It is forbidden to use female two weeks before giving birth and for two weeks thereafter, as well as exhausted, sick and lactating animals.

Special instructions. Slaughter of cattle and sheep for meat is permitted in 28 days after treatment, pigs – 21 days.

Storage. List B. In the original packaging in a dark place at a temperature from 0 to 30 ° C. Shelf life 3 years.

Manufacturer. Pharmaceutical plant Biovet – Lublin, Poland.

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The treatment and prevention and nematosis Ovodova infestations in horses.
Structure and Composition. Ekvalan as active substance contains ivermectin 1.87% (See above.) . and as auxiliaries giprolazu, titanium dioxide, hydrogenated castor oil, propylene glycol.

The product appearance is a white, odorless paste.

Produce Ekvalan packaged at 6.42 g disposable polypropylene syringes are packed individually in a cardboard box. Each syringe and a box labeled in USA with the indication of: trade name of the drug, destination, name and address of the organization – the manufacturer and its trademark, destination, name and content of active ingredient, the amount of paste in a syringe, can be labeled " to the animals “, rooms series, shelf life, storage conditions and provide instructions for use.

The pharmacological action. Ivermectin, which is part of Ekvalana refers to a macrocyclic lactone and has a wide sperktorom antiparasitic action, is active against imaginal and larval phases of development of nematodes, lice, keds and larvae of subcutaneous, nasopharyngeal, gastric gadflies, parasites in horses.

The mechanism of action of ivermectin is its impact on the current value of chloride ions across the membranes of nerve and muscle cells of the parasite. The main target are glyutamatchuvstvitelnye chloride channels and receptors gammaaminomaslyanoy acid.

Changing the current chlorine ions violates the nerve impulses, leading to paralysis and death of the parasite.

The maximum concentration of ivermectin in the blood horse plasma observed after 6 hours after oral administration Ekvalana and remains at therapeutic levels for 7 – 12 days, excreted ivermectin in the urine and feces in lactating animals and milk, mostly unchanged a.

Indications. Ekvalan administered to horses for the treatment and prevention of nematosis: strongilidozov, trihonematidozov, tsiatostominozov, oksiuroza, probstmaurioza, parascaridosis, strongyloidiasis, trihostrongileza, dictyocauliasis, parafilyarioza, setarioza, onchocerciasis, gabronematoza, drayshioza and ovodnyh invasions: gastrofileza and rinestroza.

The dosage and method of application. Ekvalan loshadyamodnokratno administered orally at a dose of 200 mg / kg body weight. One syringe contains the quantity of paste, which is necessary for the animal, weighing 600 kg. For animals with a smaller mass the dose is adjusted by pressing the plunger of the syringe, which applied to grading, since the mass of 100 kg.

Ekvalan assign youngsters, on reaching the weight of 100 kg, and adult horses, including pregnant mares and stallions – manufacturers from two to four times a year, depending on the external environment invazirovannosti.

The use of paste Ekvalan horses for treatment and prevention and nematosis Ovodova invasions:

Invasions Multiplicity treatments
Strongilidozy – not less than 1 time in 2 months in pasture period
Trihostrongilez, dictyocauliasis – The grazing period 2 times in spring and fall
parascaridosis, oksiuroz – In the stall period 1 every 2 months
Gabronematoz, drayshioz – As an indication in the spring, summer and fall
Parafilyarioz, setarioz, onchocerciasis – For prophylaxis in disadvantaged households 1 once a month during the summer insects
Gastrofilez, rinestroz – According to testimony in the pasture period 1 time

2 months

Before each series of mass processing of the drug tested on a small group of low-value horses (5 – 7 goals) of different ages and weights. In the absence of complications within 3 days begin to process the entire population.

Side effects. When used properly, the drug is not observed. With increased individual sensitivity to ivermectin and animal allergic reactions continued use of the drug is stopped, and symptomatic treatment.

Contra. Do not be processed Ekvalanom sick, exhausted and recovering animals. Ekvalan not use in lactating mares milk which is used for food purposes.

Special instructions. Slaughter of animals for meat is permitted not earlier than 14 days after the application Ekvalana. Meat from animals slaughtered before the expiry of the said period may be used for animal feed or for the production of meat and bone meal.

When working with Ekvalanom should observe good personal hygiene and safety, provided to work with the drugs for animals. If you get a paste on the skin of hands and at the end of the work, they should be washed with warm soapy water.

Storage. Store Ekvalan with caution on the B list, at a temperature between 4 to 25 ° C in a dry, dark place away from food and feed. Shelf life when stored – 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Manufacturer. Merial SAS, France.

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Ivermectin is used to save people and animals from a variety of internal and external (blood sucking) parasites. Lice and mites, which feed on the blood is not the host ivermectin orally or by injection does not work (see. The bottom of page notes).

For guinea pigs chosen for the treatment of ivermectin Selnic tick. Trixacarus caviae, burrowing mites sarcoptid, are arachnids. Transmission occurs primarily by direct contact with infected animals, although eggs can be attributed to him accidentally. Ticks seldom leave the host, if the appliances clean bedding, a result of overpopulation, or in the case of death of the owner. In the absence of a host, they usually die within three weeks. However, the eggs that are laid in burrows in the skin, can survive in the host for a long time. These types of mites main causes unbearable itching in animals and can lead to thinning and / or partial hair loss and skin peeling (may resemble dandruff). Heavy infestations can be life threatening. The most serious infection occurs in young and old animals subject to stress and poor environmental conditions. A healthy animals, possibly because of – the departure or suppressed immune systems, it is less severe. Maximum load parasite is achieved after approximately 1 month after infection, then slowly decreases in the absence of treatment.

Makrolidovy antibiotic licensed for use in 1984, ivermectin is made of fungi isolated from the first soil sample in Japan – Streptomyces avermitilis. The American Council on Veterinary Toxicology (ABVT) describes its action as:

" agonist neurotransmitter gamma – aminobutyric acid (GABA). GABA is the major inhibitory neurotransmitter. In mammals GABA – containing neurons and receptors located in the central nervous system, whereas in arthropods and nematodes GABA is found mostly in peripheral portions of the nervous system (nervous – muscular connections). This difference in the location of GABA receptors can be responsible for a significant safety factor ivermektinovyh products contained in mammals Using ivermectin membrane increases in neuronal release of GABA. GABA binds to the GABA – receptor channel – chloride complex membranes of postsynaptic neurons causes the inflow of chloride ions. the influx of chloride ions hyperpolarize neuronal membranes, making them less irritable and reducing the transmission of nerve. hyperpolarization of neuronal membranes (at the NMJ) causes flaccid paralysis in arthropods and nematodes. & Quot;

Ivermectin has been cleared for use in humans, pigs, cattle, horses and sheep. In March 1997, Stromectol (ivermectin also) has been approved for use in humans in the treatment of infections with nondisseminated intestinal threadworm (strongyloidiasis). It was proposed to prohibit the use of this drug for scabies and lice to humans with weakened immune systems, patients with HIV / AIDS.

Ivermectin is usually applied in two or more doses, in the form of injections or oral, with intervals of 7 to 14 days, as well as apply for mestn.o products containing ivermectin 0.1% (Otodektin) dosage is 0 , 2 ml / 1 kg of body weight. For products containing ivermectin 1% (Novomek, Ivermek, Baymek) dosage is 0,02ml / 1kg weight according to the instructions! Maximum 0,05ml / 1kg weight for pigs (dosage, which usually writes Anastasia High)

Clinical signs of poisoning:

mydriasis – [excessive pupil dilation, a result of illness, drugs, etc.] Depression

coma convulsions
ataxia – [loss of muscle coordination, especially the extremities]

stupor vomiting, drooling


The animals with such reactions at the correct doses of the drug, it can not be treated.

The use of this product for guinea pigs is considered to be " off-label. However, given the apparent efficacy and safety in appropriate doses, ivermectin was studied on guinea pigs to determine safe dosage and administration methods in the scientific community. Their results suggested recommendations on its use and regularly listed in a number of medical reference books about guinea pigs, allows veterinarians to treat our pets properly.

Ivermectin can be an effective treatment of biting lice, lice thin guinea pig and rarer gyropus ovalis (oval lice guinea pig). Ivermectin is absorbed after application to the animal body and also kills some internal parasites.

Note: pregnant women and young

The application is not desirable to possible complications.

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