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Zyvox Linezolid 600 mg
Most popular brand: Zyvox
Active ingredient: Linezolid
Available dosage forms: 600 mg
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Linezolid general information

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Antibiotic “Linezolid”: instructions for use, price, analogs, Composition and reviews

Most of the known medicine bacterial or viral infections amenable to treatment by conventional drugs. However, there are pathogens that have adapted to the so-called nosocomial conditions. The fight against them is a very difficult task, since many drugs they simply do not work. Antibiotic « Linezolid » It refers to those drugs with which can be dealt with so-called nosocomial infections or other resistant to other drugs. That’s about it and will be discussed in this article.


The drug is « Linezolid » instruction relates to antimicrobial broad-spectrum. According to its basic properties and characteristics, it belongs to the class oxazolidinone that the strength and range of action of microorganisms in many respects superior to the drug « Vancomycin » and other drugs with a similar composition.

Today, there are several kinds of antimicrobial « Linezolid ». Product form most often used in therapy, – This shell membrane tablets containing 400 or 600 mg of active substance. In addition, in medical practice for infusion solution is often used, which in each milliliter contains 2 mg of active substance and powder (granules) to prepare a suspension, the concentration of the active ingredient which is 100 mg per 5 ml of final product.

Indications for use

As mentioned earlier in this article, the drug is « Linezolid » instruction on the recommended use in the presence of infections caused by bacteria resistant to other antibiotics. These include both gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms belonging to anaerobic or aerobic types that have developed resistance (resistance) to methicillin, gikopeptidnym compounds, penicillin and other antibiotics.

The list of diseases for which a use of the drug « Linezolid », guide includes:

  • hospital or community-acquired pneumonia;
  • skin infections;
  • soft tissue infection;
  • other infections caused by antibiotic-resistant strains of Enterococcus.

As a rule, before using this drug conducted research to identify the resistance of pathogens to other drugs. If such is found, treatment is carried out by means of other antimicrobial drugs.


The main and most important contraindication to the use of antibiotic « Linezolid » instruction manual calls hypersensitivity to it. Also, do not use the drug for the treatment of patients who are taking other drugs from the group of MAO inhibitors. Besides, it is not recommended for this tool in conjunction with tricyclic antidepressants and substances which may increase blood pressure (epinephrine, dopamine, and other triptans).

The drug is « Linezolid » (Tablets, infusion solution, and suspension) is contraindicated in diseases such as hypertension, hyperthyroidism, carcinoid or serotonin syndrome, feohromotsitoz. The presence of these contraindications must be detected before treatment with this drug.

The mechanism of action of drugs in the body

The drug « Linezolid » due to its ability to block the translation process of protein structures in bacterial cells. This stops the multiplication of microorganisms, and their death occurs. Resistance to the drug in the majority of bacteria is produced very slowly.

After the ingestion of the drug active ingredient forms the metabolite hydroxyethyl glycine. The extent of his connection to plasma proteins up to 31% of indicators. In laboratory studies found that this compound penetrates into all tissues and organs. It also has the ability to pass through the placenta into the fetus and breast milk (this property of the drug is reflected in the recommendations of the reception of the drug by pregnant and lactating women).

The half-life of the active substance and its metabolites from the body is 4.5 – 5 hours. Excretion is via the urinary system (in the form of 50% and 35% of the metabolite in the intact) and through the digestive tract (not less than 9%). Complete excretion occurs within 8 – 12 hours after receiving medicament.

How to receive a « Linezolid »

Experts point out that in most cases the patient can not independently make a decision about the way the drug is « Linezolid ». Instructions, tablets, and solution in which the emulsion is not considered as separate preparations, and as a form of the drug, the subject contains comprehensive information. Below are the key points regarding the dosage and duration of therapy.

Medicine « Linezolid » instruction manual suggests using the following schemes:

  1. The solution for infusion is administered intravenously 2 times a day. A single dose of 400 – 600 mg of active substance. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the disease and its localization. As a rule, the majority of infections requires a period of not less than 10 and not more than 14 days, and only in diseases caused by enterococci, treatment lasts from 2 to 4 weeks.
  2. The preparation « Linezolid » (Tablets) is taken as two times a day in an amount of 400 or 600 mg per one dose. For patients aged 5 to 14 years the dosage is calculated on the basis of body weight at 10 mg per 1 kg of body weight, 2 times a day. The maximum dose for one ingestion (oral) should not exceed 600 mg. The duration of therapy is determined by the same parameters, which were considered above.
  3. The pellets, which make up the emulsion, applied under the above scheme. Calculation of the dosage when it is necessary to carry out following the same recommendations.

Since the drug « Linezolid » appointed only by prescription and is used only in a hospital, an overdose of this facility and the emergence of pronounced side effects are virtually eliminated. Doctors in their reviews mentioned cases of excess accumulation in the body of the active substance of the drug and its metabolites are due to disorders of the urinary organs and the liver. The consequences of these overdoses are usually quickly eliminated because the patient is being treated under the constant supervision of specialists.

Drug Interactions

As one of the dosage forms of the drug « Linezolid » is intended for intravenous administration, it is important that the drug is completely compatible with the basic solutions used during treatment (5% – th solution of glucose, 0.9% – th solution of sodium chloride and Ringer’s solution).

Special attention should be paid to the condition of the patients, who in addition to « Linezolid » taking adrenergic drugs. If a complete rejection of the past is impossible, doctors need to review their dosage.

Medicine « Linezolid » (Similar in composition can also be equated to it) is completely incompatible with the drugs « Chlorpromazine », « Cotrimoxazole », « Diazepam » and « Phenytoin ». If the patient prior to the application of an antibiotic taking these funds, it is necessary to sustain the interval of 3 days prior to treatment with « Linezolid ».


As an additional recommendation for acceptance antibiotic « Linezolid » instruction manual contains information relating to the pregnant women and those with existing comorbidities. In addition, it points to the possibility of side effects. But first things first.

As for the drug is « Linezolid », reviews of doctors talking about special caution when administered to pregnant and lactating women. This is due to the fact that the effect of the drug on the developing fetus or newborn child has been insufficiently studied. Generally, treatment is advisable to use it only when the risk to the fetus substantially below the intended benefits to the mother.

Severe renal and hepatic failure and require careful use of the drug, because the metabolites are excreted primarily by those bodies, and the accumulation of these substances in them can lead to a deterioration in the patient’s condition.

Side Effects

Based on the results of clinical observations, unwanted reactions of the various organs and systems while taking the antibiotic « Linezolid » most often it affects the nervous and digestive systems. Approximately 10% of patients during treatment were observed nausea and headaches. A little less worried about their diarrhea, dizziness, and candidiasis in the mouth.

In addition, the experts pointed out the undesirable effects of such medication as peripheral neuropathy, seizures, visual disturbances (until its total loss), thrombocytopenia, serotonin syndrome, angioedema and anaphylactic shock. Due to the fact that the drug is used only in a hospital environment, often serious consequences are avoided.

The treatment appeared undesirable reactions on the part of symptomatic and systems. Cancel the drug is only possible if the severity of side effects is a bigger problem than the disease being treated antibiotic considered.

Analogues of drugs « Linezolid »

The readers probably have a question about whether there have drug « Linezolid » analogs. Of course, the pharmaceutical market if not full, then a few drugs that are similar to these antimicrobial composition. These drugs include the antibiotic Serbian « Zeniks », Norwegian « zyvox » Israeli and « Linezolid Teva ». The composition of these drugs as the main active ingredient is included linezolid.

Is there a significant difference between the means listed above and a drug « Linezolid »? The price of medicines – that’s the main difference. The fact is that having the same composition, these drugs act on the human body in exactly the same: with the same fighting microorganisms, cause the same adverse effects are the same contraindications. Not much different terms and methods of treatment and dosage.

As a general rule, the more expensive imported analogues antibiotic « Linezolid » It applies if the drug is not present in drugstores. This happens often, because of its use of a wide range of patients is almost impossible – for prescription and perederzhivat medicine on the shelves will not be solved none of the pharmacy chain. From small parties medication orders, and therefore the possibility to some – the time to sell all his stock.

The cost of the drug

Drugs of the oxazolidinone group have a high value in connection with a complex multi-step synthesis of the substance in the pharmaceutical laboratories. What is in the preparation « Linezolid » price? The tablets (containing the main active ingredient 600 mg, pack of 10 pieces) in pharmacy chains cost at least 18 thousand USD. The maximum value of this formulation is 20 thousand USD per 10 tablets. Slightly cheaper is the drug at a dose of 400 mg. Its price is about 17 – 18 thousand USD per 10 tablets.

The solution for infusion « Linezolid » You can buy some cheaper: pack of 10 packets of 100 ml will cost 7.5 – 9000 USD, 10 packs of 300 ml each – 15.3 – 16.2 thousand USD.

The preparations of the same name, which are much cheaper, often turn out to be a forgery and, at best, have no effect on the patient’s body. Nevertheless, the delay in therapy for the disease, which helps get rid of antibiotic « Linezolid », itself is very dangerous. That’s why experts recommend to get the medicine only in pharmacies with a good reputation.

Reviews antibiotic « Linezolid »

Different sources can seldom find reviews about antibiotic of this class. This applies in particular to information concerning his admission as set out by patients. This is due to the fact that most of the patients during therapy are in very serious condition, and remember all the ported sense of them is extremely difficult.

The experts, in turn, respond to medication « Linezolid » extremely positive. According to them, the drug is able to cope with even the most resistant germs. They also point out that the risk of complications due to side effects or overdose is virtually nonexistent. This is due to the fact that an antibiotic is used only in a hospital. At the first sign of allergic or adverse reactions to the drug are carried out all the necessary medical procedures to remove them.

So, we have reviewed all the details of the drug « Linezolid ». Instructions for use, price and possible drug reactions were described in this paper in detail. It should be noted that despite the high cost of the drug, its use is justified in every case. Make a decision about the treatment of the patient that the drug can only physician.

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