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Bactrim Trimethoprim 400/80, 800/160 mg
Most popular brand: Bactrim
Active ingredient: Trimethoprim
Available dosage forms: 400/80, 800/160 mg
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Trimethoprim general information

It truly is used to treat many different infections including acne. An excellent natural treatment is actually a far superior solution and just as simple to find. There are only two key treatment choices. Then you are going to require another treatment regimen.

It’s imperative that you know any potential drug interactions whenever you are given multiple prescription medications. You shouldn’t request antibiotics from your own doctor for illnesses they’re not useful in treating. You’ll find helpful information regarding antibiotics while pregnant and all you need to learn about how safe are antibiotics at Aha! The truth is you can have sex using a bladder infection as long since it is not uncomfortable for you and you’re already on antibiotics.

For many with Adult Acne, accutane is regarded as a previous resort alternative for treatment due to its potential side results along with the time required to be on it. Because of the rhinophyma, a number of the Rosacea patients might be cataloged as alcohol consumers. This is to ensure the drug will get a full treatment effect. Panic disorders may be triggered by Rosacea symptoms and a few patients possess the tendency to eventually become reclusive.

Natural remedies, including homeopathy, are extremely effective in eliminating urinary tract infections and addressing the main cause, so your dog can heal permanently. First of all, antibiotics aren’t going to heal what causes the infection. Each antibiotic is effective just for certain kinds of infections as well as your doctor can compare your requirements with the available medicines. Probiotics replenish the nice bacteria your body needs so as to stop completely fully developing dangerous infections like C. Diff.

Taking antibiotics while pregnant could be very safe if they’re in the penicillin family, cephalosporins, and erythromycin. Antibiotics have to be taken in high doses for a prolonged amount of time–often six weeks or more–because it’s difficult in order for them to get in the prostate gland. Henceforth, doctors will most likely include specific recommendations for diet supplementation and also drinking sufficient levels of water. If you’re pregnant or breast-feeding, or when you have anemia brought on by folic acid deficiency, you need to not used Bactrim.

Fortunately, bacterial sinusitis will not often require special cultures or varieties of antibiotics. They could be used to take care of ongoing bladder infections but aren’t considered very strong antibiotics. Primarily, treatment for UTI makes use of antibacterial medications, therefore, it is essential that the doctor is offered with a basis, so as to be sure that his prescription will use the most effective antibacterial drug. Likewise, old antibiotics you could have within the medicine cabinet really should not be used to randomly blanket treat urinary tract infection with no confirmation of the sort of offending bacteria together with examining the expiration date.

Women tend to be more probable to acquire urinary tract infections than men. Vitamin K is necessary for the blood clotting in the event of severe wounds and therefore helps to prevent the loss of blood. Side effects incorporate abdominal malady, vomiting, skin rash, and diarrhea. UTIs can cause different symptoms in distinct individuals.


CNS: headache, aseptic meningitis.

From the hematopoietic system: methemoglobinemia, agranulocytosis, leukopenia, thrombocytopenia, anemia.

Dermatological reactions: skin rashes, malignant exudative erythema (Stevens – Johnson).

From the digestive system: diarrhea, anorexia, nausea or vomiting, gastralgia.

From the urinary system: nephropathy.


The expressed human liver and kidneys, folic acid deficiency, pregnancy, megaloblastic anemia due to folic acid deficiency, lactation, hypersensitivity to trimethoprim.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Trimethoprim is contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation (breastfeeding).

Application for violations of liver function

Contraindications hepatic dysfunction.

Application for violations of renal function

Contraindications renal impairment.

Use in children

To use caution in early childhood.

The use in elderly patients

elderly patients showed additional appointment of folic acid.

To use caution during a possible deficiency of folic acid, allergic history, asthma, abnormal liver function, and thyroid gland, in early childhood.

With long-term use should be systematically study of peripheral blood, the functional state of the liver and kidneys. Elderly patients demonstrated additional appointment of folic acid.

The combination of sulfamethoxazole with synergistic anti-microbial effect (bactericidal effect).

myelotoxicity drugs increase the risk of further bone marrow suppression. With simultaneous application of cyclosporine nephrotoxicity rate increases.

In an application with dapsone may increase concentrations of both dapsone (may increase the frequency and severity of side effects, especially methemoglobinemia), and trimethoprim, which may be due to the suppression of metabolism of dapsone and / or competition between two products for excretion by the kidneys.

Others folic acid antagonists (methotrexate, pyrimethamine) while receiving increase the risk of megaloblastic anemia.

Trimethoprim inhibits the hepatic metabolism of phenytoin, increasing its T 1/2 50% and reducing its clearance by 30%.

Trimethoprim reduces renal clearance procainamide and its metabolite N – acetyl – p – aminophenol by increasing their concentration in the blood plasma.

In an application enhances excretion and shortens T 1/2 rifampicin.

Trimethoprim increases the anticoagulant effect of warfarin by inhibiting its metabolism.

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