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Copegus Ribavirin 100, 200 mg
Most popular brand: Copegus
Active ingredient: Ribavirin
Available dosage forms: 100, 200 mg
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Ribavirin general information

Ribavirin may cause unwanted effects. Call your physician for medical advice regarding side effects. Talk with your doctor about the dangers of taking ribavirin. This list isn’t complete and there might be other drugs that may interact with ribavirin.

Don’t restart treatment. Determine if treatment needs to be initiated. In case you have any of these conditions, you might not have the ability to utilize ribavirin, or maybe you require a dosage adjustment or exclusive tests during treatment. Should you be using one of these drugs, you might not have the ability to utilize ribavirin, or maybe you require dosage adjustments or exclusive tests during treatment.

If you’re a woman, don’t take ribavirin if you’re pregnant If you’re a man, don’t take ribavirin if your female sexual partner is pregnant. This medication can result in birth defects or death within an unborn baby. Security and efficacy within the sickness afterward of to your own doctor to. If so, make certain to select the medication the exact same way each day.

Follow your physician’s instructions about how exactly to avoid passing the disease to another person.Do not drink alcohol whilst taking ribavirin. In case your dose differs, don’t change it unless your own doctor orders you to do so.The quantity of medicine which you take is based on the strength of the medicine. Talk with your doctor about any side impact that seems unusual or that is certainly especially bothersome. Ribavirin may result in anemia (condition in which there’s a decrease in the amount of red blood cells) that could worsen any heart problems you’ve got and can permit you to have a heart attack that may be life-threatening.

Don’t begin utilizing a brand new medication without telling your own doctor. Practice the directions on your own prescription label thoroughly and ask your physician or pharmacist to clearly explain any part you really do not understand. Follow your physician’s instructions about how exactly to avoid passing the disease to some other individual. Simply Take both medications just as directed.

Symptomatic inmates ought to be carefully evaluated for cardiac disease before initiating treatment. At every visit, patients ought to be assessed for medication adherence, side results and possible complications. It is preferable to utilize the very same form through the entire plan of treatment. Call your own doctor immediately in the event your partner becomes pregnant.

If you’re a woman, don’t take ribavirin if you’re pregnant. It’s necessary that you keep a written list of each one of the prescription and nonprescription (over-the-counter) medicines you’re taking, and any items like vitamins, minerals, or alternative dietary supplements. Ribavirin is also sometimes used as a treatment for viral hemorrhagic fevers (viruses which can lead to bleeding inside and outside the body, problems that have many organs, and death). Should you be seeking medical advice you’re advised to seek advice from your own physician.

In the event of overdose, call the local poison control center. Some side effects might be serious. Each dose has to be taken with food. Ribavirin may bring about anemia (condition in which there’s a decrease in the amount of red blood cells).

Practice the directions on your own prescription label.Ribavirin isn’t effective when used alone to take care of hepatitis C. Inform your doctor in case you have been treated with interferon before and it didn’t work nicely in treating your hepatitis C. Don’t drink alcohol whilst taking ribavirin. Leiner recommends the application of erythropoietin to keep hemoglobin levels during therapy. Ribavirin may reduce the number of red blood cells within your body.

Unneeded medications ought to be disposed of in special methods to make certain that pets, children, and other people maynot consume them. Document in the health care record why hepatitis C treatment isn’t currently recommended. These might be indications of serious anemia. It’s also essential info to carry together with you in case of emergencies. This website serves as an information source only and doesn’t dispense medical advice or another type of advice. These and other developments are highlighted in yellow through the entire document.

If you believe worthwhile a little donation would be appreciated. Alternatively, we tried to create the perfect control group. It is ordinarily taken with food two times every day, each day along with the evening, for 24 to 48 weeks or longer. Do not let it freeze. Don’t take ribavirin if you’re pregnant or intend on becoming pregnant. What’s more, the antiviral plan of therapy results within an improvement within the addictive behavior in a single third of the subjects.

Treatment while pregnant is normally contraindicated. After 12 weeks of cure, a HCV RNA assay needs to be obtained to evaluate the answer to treatment. Low viral load and amount of abstinence during treatment proved independently related to SVR. It is crucial that you utilize ribavirin regularly to find the most benefit. Monitor HCV-infected inmates who aren’t on treatment. SVR was evaluated within an intent-to-treat analysis.

It is optimum to take ribavirin at around precisely the same times every single day. It’s traditionally taken twice each day, each morning along with the evening, for 24-48 weeks or longer. Don’t forget to drink a lot of fluids as long as you’re taking ribavirin.

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Description ribavirin

  • International nepatentovanoe name
  • Pharmaceutical Group
    Antiviral – nucleosides
  • synonyms
    Arviron, Vero – Ribavirin, Virazole, Rebetol, ribavirin Meduna, Ribavirin – Bio, Ribavirin – Verte, ribamidil, Ribapeg, Trivorin
  • Composition

tablets white or almost white, round, Valium, with a facet and Valium.

Excipients: microcrystalline cellulose, modified corn starch, calcium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate, magnesium stearate, talc.

10 – packings Valium planimetric (2) – packs cardboard
10 -. Packings Valium planimetric (3) – packs cardboard
10 -. Packings Valium planimetric (6) – packs cardboard
10 – packings Valium planimetric (9.) – packs cardboard
30 – packings Valium planimetric (1) – packs cardboard
30 -. packings Valium planimetric (2) – packs cardboard
30. – packings Valium planimetric (3) – packs cardboard.

  • Indications for use
    The drug is intended for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C. The drug is recommended for use in combination with alpha – interferon – primary patients not previously treated with alpha – interferon with confirmed chronic hepatitis C; – At an exacerbation after the course alone alpha – interferon; – In patients refractory to monotherapy with alpha – interferon
  • .

  • Mode of action

    antiviral agent. Quickly penetrates into the cell and acts within the virus-infected cells. Intracellular ribavirin is easy to phosphorylated adenosine mono -, di – and triphosphate metabolites. ribavirin triphosphate – a strong competitive inhibitor of inosine – monophosphate – dehydrogenase RNA – polymerase of influenza virus and guanylyl – transferase messenger RNA, the latter manifests braking process coating of messenger RNA – the shell. These diverse effects lead to significant reduction in intracellular guanosine triphosphate, and suppression of the synthesis of viral RNA and protein. Ribavirin inhibits the replication of new virions, which provides reduction in viral load, selectively inhibits synthesis of viral RNA, not suppressing the synthesis of RNA in a normally functioning cells.

    The most active against DNA – virus – respiratory – syncytial virus, Herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2, adenoviruses, CMV, pox virus group, Marek’s disease; RNA – viruses – influenza viruses A, B, paramyxoviruses (parainfluenza, mumps, Newcastle disease), reoviruses, arenaviruses (Lassa fever virus, Bolivian hemorrhagic fever), bunyaviruses (valley fever virus Rift Crimea virus – Congo hemorrhagic fever), hantaviruses (hemorrhagic fever virus with renal or pulmonary syndrome) paramyxoviruses, oncogenic RNA – viruses.

    In the treatment of hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome reduces the severity of the disease, reduces the duration of symptoms (fever, oliguria, pain in the lumbar area, stomach, headache), improves laboratory indicators of kidney function, reduces the risk of hemorrhagic complications and adverse outcome.

    To ribavirin insensitive DNA – viruses – Varicella zoster, pseudorabies virus, vaccinia natural; RNA – viruses – enteroviruses, rhinoviruses, encephalitis virus Semliki Forest.

    The individual, depending on the indication, the age, application scheme, the dosage form.

  • Interact with other drugs
    Admission antacids containing aluminum and magnesium, reduces the bioavailability of the drug. When combined ribavirin and alpha – interferon indicated synergy of their action. In clinical use of different drugs at therapeutic doses in combination with ribavirin showed no appreciable interactions. Combining ribavirin with zidovudine (AZT) and / or stavudine, both available in HIV infection may lead to HIV – viremia and treatment regimen requires a change. At the same time interactions were found ribavirin and nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors or protease inhibitors. It is therefore possible joint use of these drugs and ribavirin for the treatment of patients co-infected with HIV and hepatitis C.
  • Contraindications
    ribavirin is contraindicated in patients with chronic heart failure IIB – III degree, myocardial infarction, chronic renal insufficiency (creatinine clearance less than 50 mL / min), anemia, severe hepatic dysfunction , including patients with decompensated cirrhosis, autoimmune diseases, including autoimmune hepatitis, when not to treat diseases of the thyroid gland, in severe depression with suicidal intentions during pregnancy and lactation (breastfeeding), in case of hypersensitivity to ribavirin or other components drug, children and Youth age (up to 18).
  • Side effects
    Hemolytic anemia, dyspnea, cough, sleep disorders, rash. Less often appear flu-like phenomenon with fever, headaches and joint pain, weight loss, nausea, hair loss, depression. Rarely observed violation of a change of TSH thyroid function, and allergic reactions (urticaria, bronchoconstriction, anaphylaxis). Very rarely, symptoms of autoimmune diseases, hypotension, leukopenia, and thrombocytopenia. All observed side effects are reversible, do not affect the effectiveness of treatment and stopped after taking the drug. Normalization of hemoglobin is observed after temporary dose reduction.
  • Overdose
    Symptoms: increased side deystviya.Lechenie: lifting drug symptomatic therapy
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  • Cautions
    Before starting treatment, at 2 and 4 weeks and then regularly as required, should be carried out control laboratory tests (complete blood count, electrolyte analysis, liver function tests, serum creatinine). In acute allergic reactions the drug should be discontinued and appropriate treatment. Ribavirin should be administered with caution to patients after appropriate survey with heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, disorders of blood clotting, thrombophlebitis, myelodepression. In connection with the possible teratogenic and embryotoxic action of ribavirin is necessary to ensure reliable contraception during treatment and during the 4 – months after the end of treatment for women and 7 months for men. In elderly patients, before use of the drug is necessary to determine kidney function, in particular clearance kreatinina.Litsam experiencing fatigue, drowsiness or disorientation during therapy should abandon driving or control mechanisms.
  • The dosage form
    200 mg tablets
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