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Geodon Ziprasidone 20, 40, 80 mg
Most popular brand: Geodon
Active ingredient: Ziprasidone
Available dosage forms: 20, 40, 80 mg
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Ziprasidone general information

Notwithstanding the usual accomplishment of the mix of medication and counseling, on occasion the symptoms of the ailment may well not come under control. Light therapy are often recommended for those who have been diagnosed with SAD. An overdose could also produce a person vulnerable to heart ailments or higher blood pressure. Consult the physician and learn the causes of diabetes.

There are numerous medications that may be used to aid bipolar patients in their everyday lives. At the similar time, only a qualified psychiatrist will have the ability to determine the proper medication and the correct dosage to be able to deal with each of the emotional and behavioral disorders which occur with the ailment of schizophrenia. Whatever be the event, you should speak about your symptoms with an experienced psychiatrist and just then follow the method of cure prescribed by them.

Rickets is actually a disease that is certainly typically characterized by bone deformities. It might cause pain within the bones, muscles, and joints. Although the exact cause of the condition isn’t known, it is thought there is no pathogen involved within this disease.

Suppose it’s being used on various people and someone has some infection within their nails. Additionally It is important to stay in mind, once you become more stable, don’t stop taking any medications all on your own. It’s always advisable to take a little expert help in such instances. Nail biting besides showing tension and excitement may also be as a result of boredom or inactivity.

Typically, the very first selection of treatment may be the long-term use of mood stabilisers. With the exception of lithium, they’re anticonvulsants to take care of seizures together with controlling mood. On the opposite hand, there’s also some controversy about whether antidepressants are absolutely beneficial whenever they’re used with mood stabilizers. Side effects may also occur because of adverse drug interactions.

Although the precise reasons of diabetes continue to be unknown but there are lots of factors behind diabetes that are certain and could be easily tracked down. Researchers think that factors like age as well as physical health must be taken under account when deciding the RDA. There are many different factors that are responsible for causing diabetes apart from obesity. Compliance is just another factor within the dealing of the illness.

Anticonvulsants now are commonly used by itself or together with other medications to cure the symptoms of mania and hypomania related to bipolar disorder. Anti anxiety medication is, in addition, frequently used within this ailment among the key symptoms of someone afflicted by schizophrenia is anxiety. All emotional and behavioral disorders could be treated with assistance from medication inside this ailment.

Anti psychotic medication might be administered orally in addition to in the likeness of injections. A variety of medications are necessary for the top course of cure as patients respond to the drugs differently. In around 80% of cases, it’s been observed the patients don’t experience any issue. As an example, it might increase the repercussions of digoxin, which really is a drug that’s used to take care of cardiac arrhythmia or congestive heart failure.

Each vitamin plays an important role in regards to helping us attain optimal health. This will assist in preventing vitamin D unwanted side effects. Deficiency of the vitamin can trigger a variety of health conditions. It’s an overall perception that sweets, excess sugar and wrong sort of food are the chief reasons for diabetes. In the event your waist is bigger compared to the presented inches then you’re at a heightened risk of creating diabetes.

Potassium chloride is a significant mineral needed by the body for assorted reasons. This medicine might be taken orally, or sometimes, can be injected. It isn’t usually given as a very first field of treatment. Additionally, It may serve as a maintenance drug.

This is the reason it’s so vital that you closely and continuously monitor any patient who’s taking it. This would likewise help the individual while they’re in between episodes. An overdose could also cause excessive creation of urine. On occasion, additionally it may result from ill-fitting dentures.

Mostly, symptoms continue for a couple of weeks to a couple months. Exercise has also been proven have antidepressant consequences. Further hypertension also results in diabetes. A man or woman must exercise three or more times in a single week for around half a hour.

There are a number of varieties of mood stabilisers available on the market. The most frequent mood stabilizer is Topomax. There’s some evidence for the utilization of oxcarbazapine (trileptal), whilst topiramate (topamax) and gabapentin aren’t of established value. Although it is definitely effective here, it’s also extremely toxic along with the toxic level is quite near the therapeutic level.

Most often you’d come across people watching television or talking on the telephone and biting nails without so much as thinking about it. It’s always recommended to stop finger biting and the very best time is now. This is really important to keep in mind. Also they should be patient and must prevent any sarcasm of the individual.

ZIPRASIDONE (ziprasidone)

Is the inside. The recommended dose for adults is 40 mg 2 times / day. If necessary, the daily dose may be increased to the maximum within 3 days. The maximum daily dose is 160 mg (80 mg 2 times / day).

In patients with mild to moderate impairment of liver function is recommended to reduce the dose.

From the central and peripheral nervous system: asthenia, headache, extrapyramidal syndrome, insomnia or drowsiness, tremor, blurred vision, agitation, akathisia, dizziness, dystonic reactions; rarely – seizures.

With prolonged use of ziprasidone, as with other antipsychotics, there is a risk of developing dyskinesia and other remote extrapyramidal syndromes. If signs of dyskinesia advisable to reduce the dose of ziprasidone, or cancel it.

From the digestive system: constipation, dry mouth, dyspepsia, increased salivation, nausea, vomiting.

Other: may increase prolactin levels, hypertension, a slight increase in body weight, postural hypotension, tachycardia, skin rashes.


The increase in the QT interval (including congenital long QT syndrome), recent myocardial acute myocardial infarction, decompensated heart failure, arrhythmias requiring admission antiarrhythmics IA and Class III, pregnancy, lactation (breastfeeding), hypersensitivity to ziprasidone.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

The application is contraindicated during pregnancy, except in those cases where the intended benefits to the mother outweighs the potential risk to the fetus. If necessary, use during lactation should stop breastfeeding.

Women of childbearing age should use adequate contraception methods during treatment due to the lack of clinical data on the safety of ziprasidone in pregnancy.

Application for violations of liver function

Experience with ziprasidone in patients with severe hepatic impairment is not.

Use in children

The efficacy and safety of ziprasidone use in patients under the age of 18 years have not been studied.

If you have symptoms that can be attributed to the signs of the CSN or unexpectedly high body temperature, is not accompanied by other symptoms of NMS, should be lifted immediately antipsychotic drugs, including ziprasidone.

C caution in patients with bradycardia, electrolyte disturbances, as this can cause QT interval elongation or development of paroxysmal ventricular tachycardia. If the QT interval exceeds 500 msec, ziprasidone should be repealed.

To apply caution in patients with a history of instructions convulsive state.

Experience with ziprasidone in patients with severe hepatic impairment is not.

The efficacy and safety of ziprasidone use in patients under the age of 18 years have not been studied.

Effects on ability to drive vehicles and management mechanisms

To apply caution in patients involved in potentially hazardous activities that require increased attention and psychomotor speed reactions. Patients should be warned of the possible occurrence of drowsiness while taking ziprasidone.

In a joint application ziprasidone and drugs causing prolongation of the interval QT (including antiarrhythmic drugs class IA and III), increased risk of QT interval prolongation and ventricular paroxysmal tachycardia (the combination is contraindicated).

In a joint application with ziprasidone drugs, have a depressing effect on the CNS, probably mutual enhancement of the action (a combination requires caution).

The use of ketoconazole at a dose of 400 mg / day (CYP3A4 inhibitor) causes an increase in the serum concentration of ziprasidone at approximately 40%. The concentration of S – metildigidroziprasidona serum is increased by 55% while receiving ketoconazole.

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