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Minomycin Minocycline 50, 100 mg
Most popular brand: Minomycin
Active ingredient: Minocycline
Available dosage forms: 50, 100 mg
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Minocycline general information

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Minocycline – full instructions

Minocycline, an overview

The drug Minocycline is a semisynthetic antibiotic belonging to the tetracycline group. This drug inhibits the growth of bacteria, has a sufficiently wide range of effects on the body.

Minocycline is available in tablet form, the contents of minocycline hydrochloride that is at 0.05 g and 0.1 g. The package contains 50 – 100pcs tablets. The drug in capsules containing minocycline hydrochloride 0.05 g and 0.1 g, packed with 50 – 100pcs in a pack. The drug in the form of slurry onto 5ml contains 0.05 g of minocycline hydrochloride is packaged into vials.

Minocycline, indications for use

The drug is prescribed in cases of:

  • Infectious diseases of the lower and upper respiratory tract;
  • Psittacosis;
  • Psittacosis;
  • Urethritis;
  • Conjunctivitis;
  • Reiter’s syndrome;
  • Trachoma;
  • Tularemia;
  • The Plague;
  • Lymphogranulomatosis venereal;
  • Cholera;
  • Siberian ulcer;
  • Brucellosis;
  • Fever return;
  • Infections of the skin and soft tissues.

Minocycline is not prescribed for meningococcus; patients who have an increased susceptibility to penicillin group of antibiotics, minocycline is shown as an alternative in gonorrhea, listeriosis, actinomycosis.

Minocycline, instructions for use, dosage

Before you start treatment with this tool is the first step is to determine sensitivity to the hair, which is the source of the disease. The dosage and rate of the drug is prescribed, respectively, based on the form of the disease, its severity and sensitivity to minocycline.

For adult patients, the mean initial dose is 0.2 g, 0.1 g, etc. Further intervals between doses of 12 hours. For children between the ages of 8 – years Minocycline is as follows: an initial dose of 4 mg per kilogram of body weight, followed by 2 mg per kilogram, the interval between doses 12:00.

The treatment should last from 24 – to 48 – Mi hours after the patient’s condition had improved (decreased body temperature and the disappearance of symptoms).

Syphilis: an initial dosage of 0.2 g, followed by 0.1 g every 12 hours. The course of treatment 10 – 15 – days. In gonorrhea course lasts at least a week. If the dosage is 0.1 g meningococcal intervals in the application of 12 hours course – at least 5 – days.

Minocycline reception performed one hour before the meal, in another case – after 2 hours after ingestion.

Patients with liver and kidney problems necessary to adjust the dose to decrease.

Minocycline, adverse reactions, contraindications

When using the drug, the following reactions of the body:

  • Anorexia;
  • Nausea;
  • Vomiting;
  • Diarrhea;
  • The increase in liver enzymes in the blood;
  • Dysphagia;
  • The rash erythematous, papular;
  • Increase the perception of the skin to sunlight, which is manifested in excessive sunburn;
  • Hives;
  • The pain in the joints;
  • Anaphylaxis (relatively rare);
  • Vertigo and headache.

In cases of cutaneous signs of erythema treatment with this drug is stopped immediately.

The drug is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • Increased sensitivity of the patient to the antibiotic tetracycline;
  • Pregnancy;
  • The age group of patients up to 8 years.

With special care minocycline administered to patients with a predisposition to allergic reactions.

Keep out of the reach of sunlight, cool and dry.

Minocycline price

Depending on the packaging of the therapeutic agent from the places of distribution and from the distributor directly, the cost of the drug minocycline may range from 229.89 USD. to 329.36 UAH.

Minocycline, reviews

  • The first thing to remember – minocycline on any antibiotic, so it should be taken only after the doctor will give you a “good”. Further tests would be nice to do before taking such a test on the sensitivity of microflora to antibiotics. Actually, the beginning is necessary when taking each drug, an antibiotic belonging to the group, but who does have such tests before being assigned to do -? Well, that’s the word. Next – I personally enjoyed with psittacosis (beware of parrots!), Helped lekarstvotdostatochno quickly, though, while I suffered nausea and mild diarrhea. On the other hand, any antibiotic gives a negative effect, so I think, has got off fairly easy side-effects. Now that the prices up – the drug is not cheap, but! There is a number of from 50 to 100, so that if this treat ratio, and is not too expensive. And yet – Minocycline is quite rare in the sale, if encounter a problem, try to order over the Internet -. Pharmacy
  • The father had urethritis, the doctor prescribed minocycline. He started to drink immediately – almost – went side effects. Aching joints, nausea, plus, plus the frustration of a chair. In short, to suffer, and abolished the drug. Actually, I’m in esteemed guide then – we must try to do before you start drinking. It and is correct – in – the first, is an antibiotic that abuse is more expensive, especially if you do not know how it will affect on the body. And in – the second, is this garbage well, very much, even though the tank where it is. And if you do not fit Minocycline money at the pharmacy will not be returned, so insist on the initial analysis for the reaction of the body.
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