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Zofran Ondansetron 4, 8 mg
Most popular brand: Zofran
Active ingredient: Ondansetron
Available dosage forms: 4, 8 mg
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Ondansetron general information

If you believe worthwhile a little donation would be appreciated. Bear in mind, we’re here for a superb time not a very long time, relish your food life! Don’t take omeprazole for over four weeks without speaking with.

If you’re seeking medical advice you’re advised to ask your own physician. So patients should remain in touch by using their physician. In the instance of health emergencies, always dial 999. The 31 incidents of clinically substantial bleeding were all one case reports.

Unfortunately, officers don’t ask the right questions within their pre FST list. They may also consider different triggers that may be contributing. This website serves as an information source only and doesn’t dispense medical advice or any additional sort of advice. It worked very well in comparison to previous usage of zantac.

Your physician or pharmacist might already be aware of any potential drug interactions and might be monitoring you for them. If you discover other effects not listed above, get in touch with your doctor or pharmacist. It might take a while before you notice any benefits of the drug. Obviously, it is likewise important to go for an experienced DUI attorney in the very first place who’s aware of the GERD defense.

Ask your wellbeing care provider any questions which may have regarding just how to utilize Nexium. If you’re currently utilizing one or more of these medications, tell your physician or pharmacist before starting omeprazole. Use Prilosec as instructed by your doctor. Use Nexium as instructed by your doctor.

Sometimes, a drug could have a different or improved effect when other diseases are found. In some instances, alcohol might interact with omeprazole by raising the risk and rigor of the medication’s side consequences. Patients with acid reflux might have different conditions which make alcohol dangerous. The medication may be inactivated by acid. Patients experiencing xenobiotic overloads and environmental toxicity might not have sufficient levels of glycine to manage the quantity of toxins they’re carrying.

In case the phase one and two detoxification pathways become overloaded, there’ll be a develop of toxins in the entire body. It works by reducing the amount of acid produced within the stomach. This effect can be extremely helpful in preventing specific sorts of cancer. This is going to result in high degrees of damaging absolutely free radicals being produced.

I am extremely worried about taking prilosec when pregnant. If you like to minimize the chance of simvastatin side effects, alcohol ought to be avoided. Should it, the prilosec may really be the culprit. In case it is 5 mg, be sure that 50-mg tablets aren’t dispensed. You might need to perform a number of further tests to determine safe alcohol intake. This medication really should not be used in case you have certain health conditions.

All products are offered through The capsule shouldn’t be crushed or opened. It may likewise be utilized with certain antibiotics to take care of ulcers of the tiny intestines and also to help prohibit them from coming back. Severe ulcers may then occur. It’s okay to take antacids. Now, I’ve developed these other symptoms.

It has an extremely speedy onset and is considerably effectual in reducing stomach acid. They can be combined together all of the time without major problems besides excessive diarrhea. Their urine could possibly be dark and there might be blood inside their stools. They might also prefer to consider moderation in their own alcohol consumption to safeguard their stomachs. If needed, it may also be of help to consult with a healthcare provider on controlling alcohol consumption.

Ondansetron *

Description of the active ingredient Ondansetron / Ondansetronum.

Formula: C18H19N3O, chemical name: (±) – 1,2,3,9 – tetrahydro – 9 – methyl – 3 – [(2 – methyl – 1H – imidazol – 1 – yl ) – methyl] – 4H – carbazol – 4 – one (in the form of monohydrochloride dihydrate)
Pharmacological group: intermedianty / serotonergic agents;. Organotropona funds / gastro – intestinal agent / anti-emetics
Mode of action: antiemetic.


Pharmacological Properties

Ondansetron is a highly selective competitive blocks peripheral and central (the vomiting center, chemoreceptors trigger zone) 5 – HT3 – serotonin receptors. Ondansetron prevents and eliminates vomiting, suppresses the gag reflex, which are caused when the release of serotonin in the use of radiation therapy, cytotoxic protivoblastomnyh drugs in the postoperative period. Repeated use of ondansetron slows the passage of the contents of the intestines and peristalsis. It has anxiolytic activity. Ondansetron causes decrease of efficiency and sedation are not penalized coordination does not alter the concentration of prolactin in plasma
Intravenous administration of 0.15 mg / kg ondansetron maximum concentration of 102 ng / ml. (Patients 19 – 40) , 106 ng / ml (patients 61 – 74), 170 ng / ml (for patients 75 years or more); half-life – 3.5 hours (patients 19 – 40 years), 4.7 hours (patients 61 – 74 years), 5.5 hours (for patients 75 years or more); plasma clearance – 0.381 l / hr (patients 19 – 40 years), 0.319 l / hr (patients 61 – 74 years), 0.262 l / hr (patients 75 years or more). Intravenous 15 – minute introduction of 32 mg of the drug reaches the maximum concentration of 264 ng / ml, the half-life – 4.1 hours. The volume of distribution at parenteral administration is 140 liters. The maximum concentration is achieved by intramuscular administration 10 minutes. Ondansetron is well absorbed in the gastro – intestinal tract if swallowed. Food prolongs the absorption period at 17%, but does not affect the maximum concentration and time to achieve it. Oral bioavailability is 56% (due to first pass effect), the maximum concentration is reached after 1.7 hours, its value is proportional to the dose, half-life of about 3 hours. Ondansetron partially penetrates into erythrocytes. With the plasma proteins bound to 70 – 76% (in vitro 10 – 500 ng / ml). Ondansetron is extensively metabolized (unchanged in the urine output is only 5%), with the participation of microsomal enzymes (cytochrome CYP2D6). The bulk of the drug is hydroxylated in the liver to the indole ring compounds further conjugated with sulfuric or glucuronic acid. In women, the duration and the rate of absorption in the gastro – intestinal tract, the absolute bioavailability of plasma and plasma parameters above, and the distribution and clearance level lower than that of males. In severe liver damage decreases the plasma clearance is 5 times (half-life of 20.6 hours), with moderate – 2 times (half-life of 9.2 hours). In patients with moderate renal impairment (creatinine clearance 15 – 60 ml / min) reduced systemic clearance and volume of distribution, clinically-significant increased half-life. The pharmacokinetics of ondansetron virtually unchanged in patients on hemodialysis. In children, there is a decrease (depending on age) clearance and volume of distribution of ondansetron.


Elimination and prevention of nausea and vomiting associated with radiation therapy, cytotoxic chemotherapy in the postoperative period.

How to use and dose of ondansetron

Ondansetron is administered intramuscularly, intravenously, rectally, ingested orally. The choice is determined by the dose anticancer treatment, its ability to cause nausea and vomiting
Typically, adult daily dose is 8 -. 32 mg. ondansetron efficiency can be increased one-time intravenous administration of a glucocorticosteroid (e.g., dexamethasone 20 mg) before chemotherapy
prevention of postoperative nausea and vomiting:. adult – inside for 1 hour before anesthesia 16 mg or 4 mg intramuscularly or intravenously (slowly) in the beginning of anesthesia; children older than 2 years – only intravenously (slowly) 0.1 mg / kg (no more than 4 mg) prior to or after anesthesia
Prevention of delayed emesis, which occurs one day after the start of radiotherapy or chemotherapy: continued use of the rectum 16. 1 mg once a day or by oral administration of 8 mg every 12 hours for 5 days. Children older than 2 years – 5 mg / m 2 intravenously immediately before the start of the course with the further ingestion of 4 mg every 12 hours; after the course is recommended to continue treatment 2 times a day to 4 mg orally for 5 days
Relief which developed postoperative nausea and vomiting: adult – 4 mg intramuscularly or intravenously slowly. children older than 2 years -.. slow intravenous injection of 0.1 mg / kg (up to 4 mg)
IM in the same area of ​​the body can no longer be administered 4 mg
When expressed impaired liver function should not be exceed the daily dose (8 mg).
Requires special monitoring of patients with signs of bowel obstruction, as the drug to increase the time of passage through the colon.
Do not enter ondansetron in the same syringe with other drugs. Injectables recommended only dilute solutions (for infusion solutions and potassium chloride, sodium, mannitol, dextrose, Ringer). Before the introduction of the drug to ensure that no changes in color and coarse particles (if the container). The vials were protected from light exposure, not autoclaved. The precipitate, which may be present on the walls of the ampoule (safety and activity is not affected), dissolved by shaking vigorously.
Ondansetron may lengthen the interval QT, which may lead to arrhythmias are potentially lethal, including torsade de points.
particularly high risk of torsade de points in patients with congestive heart failure, congenital long QT syndrome interval electrolyte disturbances (eg, hypomagnesemia, hypokalemia), bradyarrhythmia, and in patients who are taking other drugs, potentially leading to a lengthening of the QT interval. All of these patients is recommended to carefully monitor the electrocardiogram
Patients who have previously had an allergic reaction to other selective 5-blockers -. HT3 – receptors, have an increased risk of development while taking ondansetron.


Hypersensitivity, lactation, pregnancy, congenital long QT syndrome interval, shared with apomorphine, children – for rectal administration (up to 2 years – for parenteral administration and oral administration).

Restrictions on the use

Hypersensitivity to other antagonists of 5 – HT3 – serotonin receptors, conduction disturbances and heart rhythm, patients, co-administration of antiarrhythmic drugs, beta – blockers, electrolyte imbalance, elongation or the risk of QT prolongation (including electrolyte imbalance, chronic heart failure, bradyarrhythmia, treatment with other drugs that may cause elongation QT) interval.
pregnancy and breast-feeding
The use of ondansetron is contraindicated in pregnancy. During therapy ondansetron should stop breast-feeding (it is not known whether ondansetron in breast milk of women stands); the drug is determined in the milk of lactating rats.

Side effects of ondansetron

digestive system: constipation, dry mouth, diarrhea, hiccups, transient increase of liver enzymes
The nervous system and sensory organs:. dizziness, headache , convulsions, spontaneous movement disorders, extrapyramidal disorders, dystonia, oculogyric crisis, dyskinesia, violation of visual acuity, transient visual disturbances, transient blindness
cardio – vascular system:. chest pain, syncope , segment depression ST, arrhythmia, bradycardia, hypotension, prolongation of the interval QT, ventricular tachycardia type “pirouette»
Allergic reactions:. bronchospasm, urticaria, toxic skin eruption, laryngospasm, anaphylaxis, angioedema edema, toxic epidermal necrolysis
Other:. the feeling of heat, fever, facial flushing, giperkreatinemiya, hypokalemia, local reactions (redness, pain, burning sensation at the injection site) in the direct field burning colon and anus (suppositories).

ondansetron Interaction with other substances

Care should be taken while the use of ondansetron with inducers of isoenzymes CYP3A and CYP2D6 cytochrome P450 (carbamazepine, barbiturates, griseofulvin, papaverine, nitrous oxide, phenylbutazone, rifampicin, phenytoin, and probably other hydantoins, tolbutamide) and inhibitors of the the P450 CYP3A and CYP2D6 (antibiotics – macrolides, allopurinol, antidepressants – monoamine oxidase inhibitors, cimetidine, chloramphenicol, diltiazem, estrogensoderzhaschie oral contraceptives, disulfiram, valproic acid, erythromycin, sodium valproate, fluoroquinolones, fluconazole, isoniazid, lovastatin, ketoconazole, metronidazole, propranolol, omeprazole, quinine , quinidine, verapamil). Caution should be exercised when used in conjunction with ondansetron drugs that cause electrolyte imbalance and / or prolong the QT interval. When used together with tramadol ondansetron may reduce the analgesic effect of the latter. Contraindicated sharing and apomorphine ondansetron hydrochloride as the simultaneous use of observed cases of loss of consciousness, and severe hypotension.


In case of overdose amplified ondansetron side effects. It should be symptomatic treatment; specific antidote is not known.

Trading names of drugs with active ingredient Ondansetron

Vero – Ondansetron Domegan

Zofran® Lazaran VM

Latran® Ondansetron

Ondansetron – Altfarm
Ondansetron – LENS
Ondansetron – Teva
Ondansetron – Verein
Ondansetron – Eskom Ondansetron hydrochloride

Ondantor® Ondasol Osetron®

Setronon Emeset® Emetron®

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