Need-to prevent one of these simple foods? HFG diet expert Juliette Kellow describes steps to make up for that shortfall in your daily diet

Cow’s dairy

*Avoid all cowis milk and associated products for example yogurt, cheese, margarine, butter, cream, dairy-based sauces and prepared products including cookies, desserts or pastries that will incorporate milk powder or milk solids.

*You risk missing out on calcium, essential for healthy bones.

*Stock up on dairy replacements such as calcium-fortified soy milk, yogurt and cheese; different calcium-rich ingredients including calcium-fortified tofu, tinned sardines and salmon (with delicious bones), broccoli along with other dark green leafy vegetables, almonds and seeds. Milk forms a big section of infants’ and small children’s diets, when you possess a kid by having an allergy to cowis milk, you ought to usually see a dietitian to help assure they get a balanced diet providing you with all the vitamins they have to increase and stay healthy.


*Avoid eggs and all dishes created using eggs, but also watch out for products including rice, noodles, muffins, cookies, pastry, ice-cream and a few sauces.

*You risk missing out on B vitamins, which are vital to get a healthy nervous system, body, skin and power release.

*Stock up on additional sources of B vitamins, including trim beef, fish, wholegrains, dairy food, leafy greens, Marmite, almonds and vegetables.

Shellfish or fish

*Avoid whichever kind you happen to be allergic to (folks are usually sensitive to simply one or perhaps a few forms of shellfish or fish, in the place of all of them). Typical culprits include lobster, prawns, crab. Check the ingredients brand on seafood sauce, oyster bass pies, pastes, futures, spreads, falls and fish oil products.

*You risk missing omega 3 fats, that are essential for center, shared, eyesight and brain health.

*Stock up on any seafood or acrylic-loaded fish such as trout, herring, mackerel, tuna or sardines that don’t affect you. Usually, go for flaxseeds (terrain or complete vegetables or oil), walnuts, pecans
and soy or rapeseed oil, that incorporate the plant form of omega-3.

Nuts and seeds

*Avoid the lover or seed you are allergic to (it could be one or two kinds rather than these) and any products that contain them or have now been organized inside the same manufacturer. This might contain biscuits, desserts, chocolate, cereals, muesli bars, sauces, plus less obvious items that could have come during production with almonds into contact. If you are allergic to peanuts, you might also have to prevent beans peas as peanuts are theoretically a legume, not just a fan.

*You risk missing protein, monounsaturated fats, b-vitamins, zinc and E Vitamin.

*Stock up on any nuts youare not sensitive to and, if you’re not allergic to seeds, exchange peanut butter for tahini or sunflower seed spread (but do browse the brands to check on they don’t really additionally include nuts). Receive your monounsaturated fats from olive
acrylic and avocados.


*Avoid soya beans, tofu, soy sauce, tempeh, miso, edamame, meat alternatives for example veggie burgers and soya ‘dairy’ replacements such as milk, yogurt and cheese. Likewise look out on labels of processed food items for example bread combinations, pizza, flavoured milks, cakes and cookies for protein.

*You risk missing out on protein – specially important if you’re vegetarian or vegan.

*Stock up on chickpeas, peas and impulses, that are all good sources of protein – until you have problems with these, also (they’re strongly associated with soya). Incorporate a lot of quinoa, seeds, nuts and oats – consult your doctor for support. Select additional sources of protein, for example eggs, chicken, bass, lean beef and dairy if you’re not vegetarian.


*Avoid dinner, spelt, couscous, noodles, gnocchi, wheat-centered cereals, and something that incorporates flour as a compound, such as bakery, pastries, muffins, cookies, cookies, pies, breadcrumbed or struggling ingredients, stuffings and many sauces (while a wheat-free diet is not the same like a gluten free diet, most of the foods you must prevent will be the same). You may need to scrutinise labels as flour is usually contained in less obvious spots, for example share cubes, gravy dust, sausages, soup, soy marinade and also beer.

*You risk missing out on starchy carbohydrates offering electricity and fibre.

*Stock up on wheat-free varieties of bakery and entree, that are readily available, or select carrots and hemp instead. Wheat-free oatmeal and cereals are beneficial to breakfast. Topup fibre by vegetables, veg pulses, almonds and eating fruit.

*Weight- benefits therefore are down to your individual circumstances and also the number of weight-you have to eliminate and will vary.

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