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Mysoline Primidone 250 mg
Most popular brand: Mysoline
Active ingredient: Primidone
Available dosage forms: 250 mg
buynowPrimidone is an aromatic anticonvulsant used to treat complex, partial, and generalized seizures. Primidone is effective in most partial seizures, some generalized tonic-clonic seizures, and some absence seizures. It may be used to augment antiepileptic drug efficacy. Primidone may cause severe reactions, particularly when the drug is used in children. Most adverse effects are benign and transient. Some serious, long-lasting adverse effects include sedation, hypoglycemia, hepatotoxicity, and teratogenicity.

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Primidone general information

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What is primidone?

Modern pharmaceutical companies produce a large number of antiepileptics. How to understand the variety of drugs? To do this, refer to the experienced. He will be able to choose for you the most effective medicine, which will contribute to significant endowment of the patient.

The most popular antiepileptic drugs among patients and physicians is primidone. Instructions for use of said drugs, its shape and properties of the release will be presented a little lower.


It can be in two different forms. It comes in powder form, which is packed in a plastic bag and a dual-layer cardboard box, respectively. Also, this tool is available in the form of tablets in blister packs and cartons.

The active ingredient in this drug – primidone. Also it consists of adjuvants (depending on the release form).

Mechanism of action

Instructions for use indicate that this antiepileptic drug. It promotes mild hypnotic effect, but also reduces the excitability of neurons that are located in the epileptic focus.

What other properties are inherent medicament Primidone? Essential tremor when it eliminates blood concentration of 12 pg / ml.

Kinetic properties

Primidone (Tablets and powder) is quite fast and almost fully absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. The highest concentration of the drug is achieved after three hours. The bioavailability of the drug is 90 – 100%. In the blood it binds to proteins slightly (approximately 20%).

The half-life time of the tool is 7 – 15 hours.

In the liver medication partially converted to phenobarbital (about 20%) and feniletilmalonamid. These metabolites possess antiepileptic activity. They excreted by the kidneys.

The patient’s blood is necessary to maintain therapeutic drug concentration equal to 12 mg / ml. Such indicators contribute to slowing seizures. When other forms of epilepsy (eg, non-convulsive forms, polymorphous seizures and other) the effect of the therapy is not always achieved. In this case, the complex treatment.

Indications for use

In some cases, the patient is prescribed medication such as Primidone? Reviews have reported that this tool effectively treats epilepsy of various origins, as well as partial and generalized seizures. With the development of focal, myoclonic and akinetic seizures, this medicine less effective.


In some cases, do not prescribe medication « primidone »? Instructions for use of reports that it is forbidden to use means in the presence of a hypersensitivity (including barbiturates), as well as anemia, liver and kidney failure, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and leukopenia.

How to use

In what dosage prescribed medication we are considering? It is taken orally after meal consumption in a single one-time dose of 125 mg. After that, every three days, said the amount of drug increased by 250 mg for adult patients and 125 mg for children who have reached 9 – age.

This therapy is continued until the desired result.

The maximum daily dose for children is 1 g (in two stages), and for adult ; 1.5 g.

Side Effects

Unfortunately, we are considering antiepileptic drug often causes undesirable effects. These include excessive sleepiness, headaches, dizziness, anxiety, lethargy, nausea, anemia, vomiting, leukopenia, allergic reactions, and lymphocytosis.

Very rarely this medicine can cause nystagmus, ataxia, « lupus » syndrome, psychotic reactions, arthralgia, megaloblastic anemia, and prolonged use ; drug dependence.

Cases of overdose

Taking large doses of the drug can cause symptoms such as dizziness, ataxia, nausea, and depression of the central nervous system work. For the treatment of such conditions the patient was washed stomach, activated charcoal and symptomatic treatment.

Compatibility with other medicines

Primidone derivatives enhances the effect of cyclophosphamide, methotrexate and sulfonylureas as well as hypnotics. It also speeds up the metabolism, increases the activity of hepatic microsomal enzymes, reduces the effect of corticosteroids, paracetamol, ISS, tricyclic antidepressants, anticoagulants, chloramphenicol, cyclosporine cardiac glycosides disopyramide, levothyroxine, doxycycline, theophylline, metronidazole, quinidine, mexiletine, vitamin D, fenoprofen, caffeine, aminophylline.

Considered medication enhances CNS depression when combined with funds from the central depremiruyuschim action and alcohol.

Amphetamine slows the absorption of phenobarbital.

When combined with carbonic anhydrase inhibitors amplified osteopenia.

This reduces the absorption of griseofulvin agent that reduces its antifungal activity. It also enhances the toxic effects enflurane, methoxyflurane and halothane.

Methylphenidate promotes inhibition of metabolism and primidone increase its concentration in the blood.

leucovorin in large doses reduces the effect of anticonvulsant primidone. The same applies to the phenylbutazone.

Special Considerations

The drug is « primidone » It can be used in complex anticonvulsant treatment. Canceled, as well as replacement of the drug is carried out gradually.

With the utmost care, he was appointed the elderly and immunocompromised people. With the development of megaloblastic anemia medication overturned and prescribe vitamin B12 or folic acid.

Considered a means of reducing human psychomotor reactions. Therefore, it does not prescribe the drivers of vehicles and people whose work is connected with dangerous machinery.

Be wary this medication is used in children.

Similar tools

How I can replace Primidone? Analogues of this tool can be purchased at any pharmacy or order through the World Wide Web.

According to the experts’ opinion, similar properties are such medicines as «Hexamidine», «Benzonal» and «Phenobarbital».


Consumers are taking this antiepileptic, left him only positive feedback. According to their reports, the drug copes well with its task. It prevents the occurrence of partial and generalized seizures. Also, this medicine helps to reduce the symptoms of epilepsy.

As for the negative reviews, almost all of them point to the fact that this tool contributes to the emergence of a large number of side effects. Therefore, apply this remedy should only be for the purpose of the doctor.

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